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Have uptake gig again but not getting orders why?

I have updated my gig with new title, key WordPress and plans but still waiting for order. Why I am not getting orders?

someone might interpret that ‘clone’ word as , stealing . replicating someone else’s site … I’m not sure if it’s ok to use it in your gig title , it might cause trouble.

No, Clone means static to WordPress transfer. means same in design but CMS will be change

I understand that … others might not understand it that well

Hi there @mohxanraza. It looks a lot better now. For not so long ago another seller used the word clone as well and his gig was rejected. So if I were you Instead of Clone us ‘‘Backup’’. Your Gig looks better than before, so well done!!! :smiley:

Also, keep in mind that your Niche ‘‘Wordpress’’ has over 46.000 sellers on Fiverr alone. For you to take a piece of the cake you must stick above yourself and above TRS. With good attitude, hard work, and determination eventually you will get there. Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

Okay, I’ll change it with some other word. thank you

Thanks man, you always give me a better advice. Thanks for your appreciate

If you wish to remove the word “clone” you will need to make a new gig as the word is in the URL and this cannot be changed.


Don’t worry about URL. Can you give me a better word for clone.