Have withdrawals changed?


It used to be instant. Now I have been waiting 36 hours. Says “processing withdrawal”. Kinda really need that money…

If Fiverr are going to hold onto my money even longer after the initial 2 weeks, then I am going to be irritated.

At least other services allow me to withdraw instantly after the client has accepted the order…


strange it used to be instant… never withdrawn after maintenance… contact CS…


It’s been instant for me as of yesterday to Paypal.

I’ve had it delayed up to 24 hours in the past once or twice.


I just withdrew my funds – literally, 5 minutes ago. Paypal received them immediately; I got an email to confirm and just logged in to check it manually.

I wonder if CS can help you. I agree – holding funds longer than the stated time is irksome and should not be tolerated.


That seems like a bug. I too sometimes have a grey button saying “Withdrawal in process”, even if no withdrawal has been initiated. But otherwise it’s instant.