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Have you been demoted from level 1?



I’m probably getting demoted very soon, and I was wondering what happens after getting demoted from level 1?

Do you have to pause 5 gigs?

Right now I’m level 1, and I’m only allowed 10 gigs.

Question for experienced Sellers

I think u have to pause some gigs because new seller’s can make only 7 gigs… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Dang, that is not good news! :confounded:

If you have 10 and a level 0 can have 7 then I would say you will need to pause 3. If you are sure you will lose your level it is best to prepare and pause those you want to be paused before 5R chooses for you. :roll_eyes:

Question for experienced Sellers

Having been demoted I can tell you that pausing isn’t enough. You have to delete. You are only allowed 7 gigs on level 0. Paused gigs are counted towards the total.

Not to worry - you only have to wait it out until you’re a level 1 again, as I will be this month.

Copy the gigs you’re going to delete - keep them safe on your hard drive. You’ll need them again …

I know it’s disappointing, but it’s really not the end of the world.

Good luck!


The last time I got demoted from level 2 to level 1, I was warned to pause a number of gigs, or that Fiverr would do it for me. Since I don’t know what gigs Fiverr will choose, I made the decision myself.

I haven’t asked customer service, but I don’t think paused gigs count. I think Fiverr’s instructions were about live gigs. A paused gig isn’t life, I’m not even sure a paused gig can be found on search.

I’m also not going to lose all my reviews by deleting a gig.

By the way, can you demoted again from level 0? I hope that’s bottom because I don’t want to keep falling.


Aw I’m so sorry to hear this! You’re one of my favorites here on the forum.

This system can be cruel to nice sellers.


I will be demoted to level 0 as well, for the second time. Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.

Yes, you can pause the gigs and have them saved to be activated when you are going to get back up. The only thing is that you cannot create a new one if you have let’s say 6 active gigs and 2 paused, because they count those paused as well when you want to create a new one. But other than that, you will be fine. :slight_smile:

My business was never affected by this. I still made money and got orders, regardless of level. Being a person with big and fewer orders, 1 simple cancellation can throw me off balance for two months. Luckily, I have learned not to care anymore the nonsense that goes around here. They don’t care about the sellers anyway.

The only downside is that we can’t see buyers request other than a short time frame, but meh. We will get back up stronger! :grin::+1:


Thanks for your advice.

But surely having gigs paused lowers your overall income? Or perhaps you paused the gigs that weren’t performing well?

To me paused gigs equals lost income.


Did you have any draft gigs? Draft gigs are counted towards the maximum for the level but I don’t think paused ones are.


Yep, that was my solution. I looked at the overall stats in the last 3 months and I dropped the least effective ones. And any other lack of traffic I compensate with promotion outside Fiverr, but that was rarely the case.

I also kept sending buyer’s request, even if it was harder. :slight_smile:


I have been demoted from level one… And When You will be demoted your gig ranking will be decrease …But I could not see much difference on sale…And I think Level one and new seller is almost same …

Your 3 gigs will be pause . Because You can only use 7 gigs on level 0 (new seller) .


Level 0 is as far down as you can go. I’m very sorry you’ve been demoted from level 2 - that must feel awful.

You might use this as an opportunity to explore other sites and opportunities. While I was waiting, I spent the time developing clients elsewhere. You might do the same - had my best month ever and got some lovely new clients outside Fiverr !


Yep, that seems like the best solution. I did the same. Sad, Fiverr was my favorite platform, but they keep make selling unproductive here. I hope the management will be happy when a large majority of good sellers will gravitate towards other platforms. :slight_smile:

Yes, it hurts a lot. I’ve been through it twice. But you know what hurts more? When you get demoted for something that is not your fault, like cancellations made because a buyer ordered by mistake. :+1: