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Have you buy a gig using custom request before?


Please how do sellers offer appears to the buyer. Whose offer would the buyer tend to first see. Would their offer messages be showed to the buyer


All seller offers to a buyer in the BR section go onto a list that only the buyer can see. All seller offers are listed in the order they are received. Please keep in mind, you are competing against all of the other seller offers received. If your offer appeals to the buyer the most, he/she might respond to it. If a different seller offer is more appealing, you might never hear from the buyer.

This is how the Buyer Request section works. In essence, you are completing for the job. The best offer, usually from the best seller with the most appealing price wins the job. Be the seller with the best offer, and the most appealing price. You can do this by understanding the buyer’s needs, and providing what they asked for at a reasonable and fair price.


@samueldesign09, do you mean sending an offer to a buyer request (the BR section), or sending a custom offer to a buyer who messaged you and asked you to send it?


I mean how do buyers sees sellers offers when they post any buyer’s request. Do they see all their message? Whose message appears first


Whoever apply first, their offer will appear first. But all other request also appears there.


Yes they can see all

Fiverr sends 1st message as an email too.