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Have You Considered Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Gigs Or Business?


Hi everyone,

I am an Internet Marketer and I am specialized in social marketing. I came to Fiverr’s forum to give some advice to sellers!

This will be a long thread, but it will be very explanatory! I have put much effort in writing it, so I hope you will enjoy reading it and find this information helpful!

So, I don’t know if I am the first Internet Marketer who posts on this forum, but I wanted to talk to you about Pinterest potential to drive traffic to your gigs or even to your business!

  1. What is Pinterest?

    Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows users to collect photos and link to products they love to share, all the things they find on the web.

  2. Some Pinterest Facts
  • 10 Million monthly unique visitors – faster than any independent site in history.
  • Over 10.4 million registered users on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest generates more traffic than Youtube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined.

  1. How Pinterest Works?

    Users pin an image from an external website – this image is then added to Pinterest and is linked back to the original site.

  2. Pinterest Boards

    A board is a set of pins. A board can be created on almost any topic (niche) such as cake designs, hairstyles, cooking etc. People can follow you (they follow all of your boards) or can follow one board in particular. So it does not mathers the number of person that follows your profile (as on Twitter or Facebook), what mathers is the number of people that follow your particular board! AND THIS IS BECAUSE ON PINTEREST, EACH BOARD COULD BE FOR A PARTICULAR NICHE!

  3. Pinterest is very Viral!

    Over 80% Pins are Re-pins (people pin back what you have pinned)! This means that in future when you pin something on your Pinterest board these people will comment on your content and “repin” your content – i.e. pin your content on their board and get other people to pin your stuff.

  4. There are already over 150 brands on Pinterest!
  • Food.
  • Television.
  • Beauty/Fashion.
  • Sport/Health.
  • Travel.
  • Non Profit.
  • Retail.
  • Home Improvement.

  1. How Pinterest can help your business or your gigs?
  • Showcase your brand.
  • Promote your best selling products or services.
  • Help your business go viral and have a huge social media presence.
  • Generate free Pinterest traffic to your website or your gigs.
  • Generate buzz about your business or your gigs.

    If you are a business owner or a seller on Fiverr then you need to get yourself on Pinterest because you are missing out on free social media traffic. Studies showed that 28.1% of users on Pinterest have an annual household income of $100k. The sheer volume of these stats makes sense to brand your business or gigs on Pinterest.

    Now that you have all this info, what should you do?

  1. Create a Pinterest account!
  2. Create Interesting Boards!
  3. Start Pinning!
  4. Follow Boards and Repin!
  5. Hopefully, following boards of others will get others to follow you back!
  6. Be optimistic and wait, because everything in life takes time if you want to do it good!
  7. Start pinning pictures that link back to your business or gigs (add link in description)!

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this topic! I usually use Pinterest to drive traffic to my stuff. I wish to all of you success and until the next time : HAPPY GIGIN’!

    With all my love and wishes,

    Johny Tang

    P.S : I attached an interesting info-graphic about Pinterest!


Great tips and I have used Pinterest to pin my gig and also another gig from Fiverr seller cause I have gig promotion in my Fiverr account and so far my Fiverr dashboard is followed by more than 400 followers. Sometimes,some of my follower like and repin Fiverr seller’s gig in my Fiverr dashboard and i hope that seller got order even i don’t get order. I also use Facebook fanpage to promote gig especially for indonesian seller.


Reply to @jeffwilson0111: Ha, ha jealous?! What a joke! Im a not competitor I have gig offering PINS not followers. Its just looks strange that 3 comment users joined fiverr after in just of short time and that’s it. Probably I will use “marketersoffers” GiG some day after reviews.

Good Luck



Reply to @jeffwilson0111: Please no judgements like this one on here! Nobody is trying to harm anyone! GOSH! It is a topic on Pinterest driving traffic not on spamming! Does anyone know how we can delete comments?


Reply to @proscan: Probably a jealous competitor that want to drop you down. Is it a bad thing to create an account to support someone we appreciate?


I will report this to customer support. To all readers, I am in now way related to that thread spamming and I want good behavior on fiverr forum that is why I am reporting it so they could clean and clear things out. Thank you!


Please, leave a comment if this what helpful or leave success stories regarding this method to drive traffic to your gigs or business if you have tried it! :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: You are more than an active user, you are a TOP SELLER! Congratulations, I owe you all my respect for your hard working! Your gigs seems wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to read my thread! :slight_smile:


You know what, I have a Pinterest account and never thought to use it to promote my gig. Thanks!


Reply to @mrspanda: You are most likely welcome! Good luck my dear! :slight_smile:


Very useful tips,

thanks, marketersoffers

Best regards,



Reply to @jolarin: Thank you for reading this and best of lucks my friend! :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you very much for posting such useful information on the forum of fiverr. I got reffered by a friend on facebook. He told me you provided him with your pinterest gig when it was not on fiverr and that now he is driving crazy traffic to his website because of that. I collected your gig and be sure soon I will buy it!

Thanks for such great tips!


Reply to @fv5031: Thank you very much and thanks to your friend for referring you! :slight_smile:


Why is your link is not working???


Now it’s up!


I vouch on this! All that is written in here is true and will work. Thanks for writing that and good luck to all of you with your sales!


Thank you for useful tips. Pinterest really are very good traffic source. I have account there and Im trying to get more followers before I start to promote my Gigs and other websites. I also have gig where I offer pins in different niche and to get backlinks (nofollow). My followers are growing fast because I’m very active in pinning.

Good luck.



Thank you for your gig. Very helpful. I will be buying your gig when it is up. Please send me a message when it is back.

Good luck.


Reply to @proscan: Thank you very much and good luck!