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Have You Even Turned Down Large Projects?


We have encountered multiple times clients who are willing to pay a lot for a certain project, yet are so hard to work with and incompetent, that we had to turn many of those down…

Have you even had any large order leads you had to turn down simply due to the client himself ?

Share your stories with us ! :slight_smile:


yes yes and yes, sometimes no amount of money would get me to work with certain people, unless it was like… hmm 10000 dollars, then maybeeee I’d consider haha.
sometimes the stress is worth the money, sometimes it isn’t.


Recently had a buyer request a 5k word story. Getting information out of him was like pulling teeth!
Buyer: "Hi, I want a story, can you do this"
Me: "Hi, I’m available for story writing. Can you give me more information? I generally require a brief that includes a description of characters and some plot that I can base your story on."
Buyer: "I want it to be about 2 people I know."
Me: waits half an hour for follow up "Without a brief containing detailed instructions, I cannot help you.
Buyer: "How much for 4000 words"
Me: eye roll "Based on what I know about your story, it would be about (4 times as much as you’re willing to pay.)"
Buyer: No response.

I’ve had people come to me for audio books, huge writing gigs, and other work. Unfortunately, they don’t want to pay for the work. The few times I’ve had huge orders that were well funded and turn them down it was generally because the buyer seemed hard to work with/micro-managing or because I was simply too busy with other things in life to get it done in the time frame. Sad to see money walk out the door, but I’d rather that then have big cancellations and bad buyers on my hands!


Yes recently happened with me. a guy contaced me and wanted to pay $400 for a video and order was placed. But i knew later that he was very impatient beyond imagination. He thought that video can be produced in just few minutes despite of the fact that the order has 5 days to deliver. At the end i just cancelled the order. :slight_smile:


Avoid large orders. This is Fiverr not a major NYC agency. It’s difficult to communicate the details of even small projects on Fiverr’s rudimentary messaging system. I learned the hard way that Buyers can’t be forced to accept an order and can refuse payment with their payment provider. And there’s nothing you can do about it. So, keep your gigs simple/stupid and your losses small.


I never accept large projects. In creative work, too many things can easily go wrong, not to mention the possibility of PayPal disputes.


There are good large orders and bad large orders. Just like there are good small orders and bad small orders.

Too many people treat fiverr as though it works differently to the rest of the business world. It does not. If people do not communicate effectively what they want then walk away - whatever the size of the order.

I write for others and I am fortunate that I am able to split and order down. If someone wants 50,000 words then we can start with 2,500 and see if we are on the same page. If not then we can walk away without anyone losing too much.



I got halfway through a $500 order a couple of days back. The buyer was constantly saying “If this is not done on time. I am going to charge back”. He constantly made these threats so i thought “■■■■ it” and called it quits.


perfect execution lol!


That was a good one! He can just suck it! LOL


I suggest you look at Ryan’s prices then consider how much he actually lost in time and effort before “lol he stuck it to the buyer lol” commentary.

You know what I am going to say Ryan, so I won’t. But do it!


Yes! I work full time, so there are just some projects that I would love to take on, but I can not.


#humblebrag I note you pretty much didn’t read the question. Poetic!


Yes I have when buyer who was happy with the expensive service he got from me kept messaging me afterwards drunk and demanding long chats with me each night and threatening me if I didn’t do it.