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Have you ever AUTOMATICALLY gotten your Express Status back?

I’m being told that the Express status on a couple of my gigs will AUTOMATICALLY be restored once the average delivery time goes below 24 hours. Every time the Express status has been removed due to unresponsive buyers/aborting cancellation requests, I had to contact customer support to restore it, but now they’re saying that it will automatically be restored. I seriously doubt this is the case, but I wanted to check to see if it has happened to anyone.

Hi @adnagam, I believe this is the case. Whenever I’ve experimented with an Express Gig offering, the “Express Status” doesn’t get applied until I’ve delivered my first Express order - once that’s done, it shows up properly.

I suspect the same will be true in your situation!

That’s usually the case if it is a new gig that has never been Express, but for previously Express gigs that had it removed after one late delivery they’re saying it should come back automatically. My delivery time still says 1 day and after the one late order which removed the Express status, everything else has been delivered well before the 24 hour deadline… some within minutes of ordering but the Express status doesn’t automatically come back like they’re saying.

This is along the lines of so-obvious-it’s-borderline-insulting advice, but… did you clear your cache and cookies? This seems to help for some stuff.

Reply to @david388: LOL! I turned it off and turned it back on again too =)