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Have you ever been afraid to offer a particular service?


Is there something you’re good at but you don’t want to offer as a Gig for one reason or another?
I’d love to read what you folks have to say.

For me, there are services I’d like to offer, but I get stuck at breaking them up into ‘bite size’ pieces.


I think ( as long as you tell CS about it and get their approval) that some people offer
language speaking lessons through Skype, and I think I can offer Japanese lessons and
I might do a pretty good job with it, but I don’t think I’d wanna do it.
Sounds like too much work, I’ll have to be online all the time, and managing the schedule
is gonna be quite a hassle I think!


Creative writing.

I have over a decade’s worth of experience in creative writing, which is far more experience than I have in what I’m actually offering as gigs, but I don’t think I could happily ghostwrite for another person. I get too attached to the characters and ideas and would want recognition for the hard work I put into a project if I did it. I also couldn’t stand the thought of character growth moments that I think add to the story being removed because the author doesn’t see them as a productive way of leading the story along.

That’s why I offer content writing and editing instead. I love content writing and editing anyway, and I’ve run my own blog successfully for several years at this point. I love researching, too, which goes a long way in producing a high quality piece of work, and the compliments buyers give you is amazing!

I know what you mean about bite-size pieces, though! I currently have a gig I really want to offer sat in my drafts because I can’t think of a way of working it into the way Fiverr works, if that makes sense?


Well, I’ve always wanted to offer fresh, steamed lobster. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to effectively steam lobster. So… alas, there will be no fresh steamed lobster gigs from me. :wink:


Specific types of story writing gigs, yeah. I’m comfortable with genre fiction overall, but not deep enough into any one genre of fiction that I feel like I’d be good offering my expertise in that specific one. That’s why I keep my general story writing gig up.


If you ever start offering that gig ( and figure out how you can deliver them fresh),
I’ll be your first buyer…what will it come with?? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Claws. :wink:


Darn, I was hoping for stuff like garlic bread and macaroni salad! :sweat_smile:


Oh, of course. Those are order add-ons. :wink: