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🔺 🔺 Have you ever been infected with the coronavirus?

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  • No

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Good poll question.

I get my first vaccine tomorrow (April 29).

I can’t wait to be fully vaccinated and hope that the virus starts to disappear as a result, but I’m not too hopeful of a speedy resolution.

I suspect we will be masking up, social distancing and sanitizing well into 2022.


I’m pretty sure I haven’t? There was one time in fall 2019 when I had a lot of the symptoms of Covid though…


Congrats! Which vaccine are you getting? Moderna? Pfizer? AstraZeneca? Just curious lol…


They have just Pfizer or Moderna here.

We get whatever one they are using that day.


Same! I think they might continue giving J&J where we live, but most people will probably get Moderna/Pfizer.


Yes. End of March - beginning of April 2021. At first, I was just exhausted. Then I lost my ability to talk because my throat hurt that much and was so dry. Then at some point, my sister messaged me for something urgent and said that she’d call but her throat felt funny and speaking was a problem for her also. So I got tested and yay, there it was.


No. I haven’t been infected with Coronavirus since the pandemic started spreading across the globe, because I haven’t gone outdoor, or near any person who travelled outside the United States. And I also have never travel to Japan as well! All I do is staying home and self-isolating while working on the painting and drawing through out the 2019 until 2021! :smiley:

However, I did have mine first shot with Modena (mRNA) vaccine on 4/17/2021 and will have the second dose on 5/15/2021. Most of my real life friends (who are 55 up to 80 year old) in my area has already been vaccinated!


I have not had it. But my 70 year old hubby has and he did not get that ill at all. his biggest issue was a dry cough for one day and night. After that it was body aches and tiredness. After a week he fatigued easily for a month.

My 90 year old father got COVID at the Dr’s office. (He thinks) He lives in a very rural area and was very careful about where he went. My sister and brother brought him all of his groceries and left them on the counter. Then he went to the doctor’s office and while he was there the man who appeared to be I’ll across from him took off his mask to cough into the crook of his arm. That is when my dad thinks he got the COVID germs.

He got his J&J vaccination on Monday and by Friday he was ill with fever, chills, headache, body aches, upset stomach and he had to make frequent trips to the :toilet:.

He felt better after about 5 days. He is glad he is not on birth control pills because he heard on the news that the J&J could cause issues for women that are.

As for me I have had both vaccinations and will be 95% immune to COVID on May first.

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I haven’t had it, but my father and my sister have.

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Vaccine also complicated in here

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At present, our neighbor India is in a difficult situation due to Covid. Our country (Sri Lanka) also shows a prevalence of certain Covid patients. Most likely it will be the third wave. Many people around the world are helpless because of Covid. I hope this disappears from the world soon. This will continue in the world for the future. We have to get used to living with this. But it is my hope that this will soon disappear from the world.

Same here, there IS a possibility I did get infected but I never suspected anything and I might have just naturally recovered thanks to my master ninja assassin level of an immune system.
I’ll continue to be careful though of course.


Only a very small number of our country’s population has been given so far. That, too, is still only the first vaccine. My mom and dad got it.

I had covid symptoms in March 2020 before nation-wide testing was available in my country, so we will never know! Just had my first jab :sunglasses::syringe:

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Good poll question. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Can add one More Option
I DONT KNOW :blush:

To prevent from corona, taking hot water steam is the best remedy which kills the bacteria and virus because of hot steam.

If you ever went to any crowded place then during reach at home, immediately take hot water steam so that it kills the virus in nose because virus enters through the nose.

However, virus keeps in the nose at the initial 1st day then after 1st day, it enters in the body and lungs.
So, if you immediately takes hot water steam on 1st day then this renedy can protect you from virus.

**Hope this will help you.**:blush:
Stay Safe!

Yesss. I had a couple of trips to other countries in November, so it was impossible to avoid it.
Even though I had 50% of lungs affected, the worst part lasted for 5 days when I couldn’t lower the temperature (39°C), and had some difficulties with breathing.
One morning I woke up and realized that I didn’t have a fever (luckily, I still had Fiverr).
Interestingly, I had a dozen of negative PCR tests (they are required before and after traveling).
I waited until the level of antibodies started to decrease, and performed vaccination.