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Have you ever bought a Fiverr gig to promote your own gig?


Friends, have you ever purchased a gig from a fellow Fiverr seller in order to promote your Fiverr page or gigs ? I know many people do that, coz some Fiverr sellers do purchase tweets/ article marketing gigs from me to promote their page/gigs. This is rare… like maybe 1% of my sales but it DOES happen.

I have never purchased any though.


I did in the begiining and really found it useful however now that I have a little more marketing knowledge I am on my own, also due to the nature of my family tree gig there are many gigs I could benefit from on fiverr


Yeah i agree its a great idea and there are some totally kewl marketers here on Fiverr :slight_smile:


Have thought about it but never used anyone here for my FIverr business. However, I have used folks here for my main business (marketing company).


I am going to start using sellers ideas for my blog reviews


Creative Graphic ideas


Of course, why not! That’s what our gigs are specifically designed for - to help Fiverr sellers get more visibility and sales for their own gigs.


I’ve thought about it recently, actually, and I may decide to do so in the near future. :slight_smile:


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(I am twitter expert and love to add followers :slight_smile: I also have an account with 200k followers . My followers are all with profile picture and tweets and they help in buisness site promotional and I complete orders very fast without need your id password :wink: