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Have you ever bought a gig on fiverr to promote your own gig?


I’m very curious about this. I don’t have social media accounts, and the ones I do have are very small with few followers, so I don’t have an easy way to promote my gigs. I’m not opposed to paying someone to promote my gig, but I don’t know how I can find out if their following is good to promote my service to.

I’d love to hear some of your experiences with this, and if you have any recommendations for sellers who would be good for promoting technology related gigs.

Thank You


I have tried it twice, but I don’t know that my minor experiences reflect anything useful. Once I bought a gig to promote one of my research gigs on a series of Facebook Groups for private investigators. I got a few more views than usual but no sales and nothing impressive. Another time I bought an ad that would show up on a fairly popular blog. That one was intended to showcase a prank-type gig I was trying out and I thought a blog with the right audience might be a fit. That one went out as promised but yielded no results at all.

Both of those gigs I was marketing were not extremely popular in the first place. It was kind of a test. I am not saying there aren’t some good ways to promote using other Fiverr gigs. That’s just my own experience. :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing!

Even if you don’t get direct sales from it, the more the your link appears around the internet it will be more likely to appear in google search results. At least I’m pretty sure it works like that. If I could get my gig showing up in certain google searches, that would be pretty cool. :slight_smile:

eventually I’m going to have to figure out how to promote my gigs, one way or another.


You would think with all the promotion/seo/marketing gigs we have on Fiverr it would be an ideal source for getting your gig exposure. In my case, I tried several and they did not work out.


it’s funny, because doing a search for this, I did not find very many with plenty of reviews. I wrote this post before the search… now I’m thinking I wouldn’t have many options


No I didn’t. I don’t think it is successful.


I just thought of something I want to add. In my own case, it was definitely experimental and I wasn’t at a place to be able to throw serious money at advertising. One of the gigs I bought was very cheap (5-10) and the other was a little more (20-ish.) The cheap one had a few good reviews saying that got what they were promised and the more expensive one had more reviews, all good, but none saying specifically that they got traffic.

In thinking about the advice I would give to a buyer who wanted to advertise using Fiverr, I would tell them that trying out cheaper gigs is a great way to see how Fiverr works and get your feet wet. I would not recommend that they have high expectations for small amounts of money.

I tried another off-Fiverr experiment where I spent $75 to take out an ad in a P.I. e-zine when my research gig was doing a little better. I did get a noticeable bump in impressions and clicks for the week following and I know at least one $50 sale came from it. Did it pay for itself? Yes, in a sense, because that buyer came back twice and would still be a regular if I still had the same gig up. (There are other reasons I didn’t keep the gig.)


Given all that, I don’t think it’s fair enough to say that no Fiverr marketing gigs could be very profitable. I think that the best way to go about it would be to research the cream of the crop in the marketing category. All levels of sellers and all badges including Pros and look for people with credentials, some solid places to market where they have connections. Look for sellers with contacts in areas where your audience is. Be prepared to spend a chunk (75–100+) after a smaller test gig. Outside buyers probably do this when they come here for marketing. If we did the same, who knows?

My wordy ten cents… :slight_smile:


I don’t know enough about your service to give you mind blowing tips, but I don’t think you’ll get much value out of the traffic gigs on Fiverr. If I need someone to do research on cryptocurrency then I would hire someone who has published articles on it or someone who has been active contributor in relevant communities / social media groups. I doubt anybody else can promote your service in social media. You have to do it yourself. You have to build up authority by engaging in relevant discussions.

Regarding your research gig, I get what you do, but I think you should put more focus on the value you bring. Do you have case studies that you can share? For example, you did a research on topic X for a company Y and thanks to your research they increased their revenue Z%.

Also I think in your case video could really help. When I hire someone to do research, trust is at the top of the list. A simple video that is professionally edited will add credibility to your gig. Besides, in a video you expand on what you do and how you do it. You can even add a clip from one of your satisfied clients if they agree to it.

I think you’re in the right place (Fiverr) because a lot of people will come here to look for freelancers for specific tasks such as research, but I think you need to separate yourself from your competition.

  • Why stock photos? Us a custom photo with a meaning and you’ll cut out hundreds of sellers.
  • Add a video. You’ll instantly remove people who can’t properly speak English.
  • Add a case study. How many people do that?

So I think it’s easier to make a few adjustments to your gig and get more Fiverr traffic than try to build rep outside and bring those people to Fiverr.

PS. To answer your question, I haven’t hired anyone to promote my gigs. If I would hire someone from Fiverr then it would be a consultant to give me ideas rather than someone who just posts my gig links on various platforms.


This is just a side note about this part. I am not sure what everyone else in the thread or the OP is seeking for promotion. In my own longer post on this, I wasn’t recommending traffic gigs specifically. I think there might be some gigs for marketing, creation and placement of ads where an audience might see them, commercial videos placed where the right audience might see them…

Marketing can obviously work for businesses of all kinds. Even some of the spammy types actually work. My city is being hit by a wave of scam roofing companies after a huge storm and people are actually falling for their terrible pitches. (Not that I’m recommending a spammy/scammy approach.)


Absolutely. If you get yourself in front of the people that really need your service then it might work.
I’m guessing that those scam roofing companies get clients because all the best ones are too busy or people can’t afford the good ones. Scammers know that roofs need to get fixed and if it happens often then pricing will be super important. So scammers know that as long as they are first on scene and offer slightly lower prices they have a good chance of getting that job. I’m guessing a lot of people don’t even do a background check because they need to get their roof fixed asap.

However, the problem with Fiverr is that if you order a gig from someone who knows nothing about your local market then I doubt you’ll get much value. If you hire someone to promote your gig then do they even know who needs your service? Spamming can be effective when it’s done for the right audience. I might be wrong of course :slight_smile:


For my gigs, the audience is global. I don’t need someone who knows my local market. My only point is that I think most traffic gigs and broad target gigs are useless.

On the other hand, researched gigs that could get my pitch (or the OP’s) to the right places might cost more than a spam gig, but might have a higher chance of true success. I’m just making a basic point that many people who try out cheap gigs might be investing in the wrong thing.


I think it is also helpful and some time not helpful.


Thank you for all of the valuable advice @uxreview!

Indeed. Getting research gigs from doing exactly that is what inspired me to come to fiverr. However, those gigs came from people who I’ve developed relationships with and were unsolicited. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to promote myself, and my services, to people who I didn’t spend months getting to know.

Part of my plan is to build a blog where I can display my portfolio. I have a blog already, but its one where I was only developing my craft as a writer, and not a good place to send people who don’t know me, since a majority of the work I’ve published there isn’t nearly as polished and professional as what I’m creating now. Part of the struggle with gig work is creating amazing stuff that I don’t own, and can’t share without major revision. Meanwhile I’m staying too busy doing that work to have the time to create more content for myself. I’ll need to start taking a week off from fiverr, here and there, so I can put some effort in that direction.

I’ve shared some screenshots of finished work. A case study is a good idea, but I don’t have that type of information. I do know that most people don’t have the time\patience\focus to do research as thoroughly as I do. So I save people time, and likely produce a more thorough set of results. I should do a better job of explaining that in my gig.

Finding someone to create quality images for my gigs is on my short list. One of my next questions to the forum was going to be asking if anyone can offer recommendations on who they’ve bought from to get quality gig images created.

Video\image editing are not at the top of my skill set. I’m sure I could create a video, but if I wanted it to look good, I would probably have to farm it out.

Again, I’m grateful for your thoughtful advice!


I haven’t tried this before but I think it might bring sales a times