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Have you ever come across a rude buyer?

Have you ever come across a buyer who isn’t good at all? Like isn’t responding well or making you feel inferior in some way?


Sure it happens sometimes. I can’t be made to feel inferior by anyone however.

You just have to be professional and not take it personally and keep on being polite.


fortunately i still didn’t face any

I believe if anyone coincides with a rude buyer, it’s better to stick strictly to your professional ground. Reverting in an equivalent tone won’t serve any purpose. Best wishes for future orders.


Yeah, I usually politely decline to work with them.

You have to give people a chance because not all of us can express themselves well in writing but if you’re constantly under the impression that the tone is deliberately insulting, it’s better to wave them goodbye.


Yes, but very rarely thankfully. But at least there’s sometimes the block buyer button (Not always sadly), which can be very useful if feeling harassed.


Pretty sure it happens to everyone at some point yes


Some buyers are very sweet. :lollipop:
Some buyers are as grumpy as a :bear:
I prefer the sweet ones!


Yes , I faced twice :pensive::pensive::pensive:

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Yes, it’s normal to face a rude buyer once in a year. I have faced twice. The one was abusive to me which I reported to CS & they suspended his account immediately & the other one was not even replying to me about in which part he is asking modification & after applying for nine useless modifications finally he said just change the logo, I don’t have time to waste on you by replying to your messages. You wasted your own time by not mentioning what should I modify? If he would have aware me of the change in first modification request then he might have save his “precious time”. But I stick to my professional grounds & stayed polite for which I was awarded at the end of order with my revenue instead of facing an order cancellation by behaving same with him.

Most of the times there are polite & understanding ones. So we should ignore rude ones & move on.

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It’s alright. I hope you will never face buyers like this again.

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