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Have you ever dealed with these Buyers


what will you do if buyer is not responding anymore,
he became online and didn’t revise the work you have sent.

i have delivered the work after one day,
buyer became online and didn’t reply or see the message and ignore.
and buyer waiting for the order to became in late.

then i delivered the work then buyer didn’t accept the delivery and didn’t send any notes why he cancel the delivery.

so it seems buyer looking for free tasks.


Which service did you deliver


The buyer cannot obtain a cancellation merely by processing one. You have to agree to his cancellation request before the order is cancelled. To avoid this, don’t accept his cancellation request.


Deliver again and ask him/her why do you reject my delivery when delivering.


there is no respond

even not saying good or bad


Graphic Design (PSD)


mean by cancel he open dispute but in this case i accept from first time after i had delivered two versions or may be three versions with no responding.