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Have you ever expreienced this bug before?

Hello everyone,

I got 5 orders from the same buyer. 12 hours ago i deliverd the finished results.

The buyer was happy, and marked the gigs as colmpleted and gave me a positive feedback.

The buyer told me that after giving good feedback for each gig it still shows on his “To do” list that he needs to rate the 5 gigs. but when he entres the order stauts once again, he can’t give a feedback (because he already did!).

From my side - i didn’t recived a notification about the gigs being completed, and the money wasn’t recived. also, i didn’t recived 5 more “5 starts” to the gig. what’s even weirder - is that the finished results did appear on my protofolio, along with his comments - which i can’t comment on (rating the buyer) because i didn’t recived any request for rating the buyer on the To do list. one more thing, is that in the number of buyers that showen next to the 5.0 starts mark it did add 5 more (it was 3, now it’s 8). but again, when you’re looking for my gig on the search results for example, it only shows (3) next to the 5 stars.

have you ever experinced this kind of system bug? if so, what should i do in order to recieve the positive reviews that im entitled to.


Yes, exactly the same thing happened to me today. My buyer has contacted CS, hopefully they will sort it out.

Yes, submit a Support ticket: