Have you ever get this kind of Junks?


I just got a message from fiverr. so I just read it by thinking it’s for a new sale, but Unfortunately It’s just a scam/ spam… Can you pls stop sending this kind of things… It’s annoying… really…



My name is Fr. Paul Anderson, I am a catholic priest for over 25 years.I had a heart surgery on the 22-11-2014 and the Doctors have just informed me that I cannot live longer; I had a serious bleeding after the operation. I have decided to release to you the total sum of $2.970.000.00 (Two million Nine Hundred and seventy Thousand US DOLLARS) deposited with my Bank,want you to use these amount to make the world a better place for the poor and less privileged, help the needy and also help your family members.As a Catholic priest, I have no child, no wife, and no family. I have no other option as my days on earth are numbered, this is no joke. It’s true we don’t receive emails like this every day, but today is a different day so it’s time for “REAL CHANGE” I will turn 77 years a day after tomorrow.I took this decision because I was raised in an Orphanage so I don’t have relatives and presently, I’m hospitalized at a Benin hospital, where I am undergoing treatment.I want you to now contact my Lawyer:Contact name: Barrister)Mr. Dide Sedjro Elvys…

Email address: didefirm@yahoo.fr

Office address: Rue 131 Saint Rita, Cotonou Benin Republic.He will advise you further…


Hi, this isn’t a message directly from Fiverr, it is from a spambot of some kind - you can report the spam in the message. Unfortunately these do sneak through to your inbox from time to time and Fiverr can’t always catch them straight away.