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Have you ever given a client a 1 Star rating?

I have not yet given any clients a 1 star (as yet.) I have come close. Especially to a lady who recently said a full two days work (done over a week) was only worth half of what was charged. I did the refund through Fiverr as it was milestones and she did not complain till the last delivery. Mind you, she loved the work.!! But expected unrealistic work to be done on the final delivery. Flabbergasted. So I was very close, to giving this client 1 star… but something held me back.

How about you? What are your stories and why the 1 star to a client?


I have not given a client a 1-star rating, but I regret not having done so a few times.

I am done holding back on ratings, though. If I know I am going to be blocking the buyer right after the order anyway, I might as well give my honest opinion. It will only help other sellers.

Your client sounds horrible, btw. I hope you blocked her!

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I’ve given one buyer a one star rating - they were difficult, entitled and threatened to leave a bad review (which they did, but not as bad as mine to them).

Give honest - but professionally worded! - reviews. Sellers should be warned about scummy buyers.

Mostly, if it hasn’t been a great experience and I’m expecting a less than enthusiastic buyer review, I’ll leave 5* but with the comment “Thank you for your order”.


I never give a 1-star review, however I had to do so today

Had to give one today after dealing with a person that asked for a much faster delivery and a lot of extra work via revisions. I assumed they would do the same, and yes, they lied about me taking a month, saying they tipped me and so on. So yes, there are some buyers that lie or try to cheat the system to get more work. In that case, you need to give such a review.


I am so sorry that happened to you. That buyer sounds horrible.

I saw that he had a few 4-star ratings on his profile, which is usually seller-code for “this buyer was horrible, but I am too scared to give him 1 star,” so I decided to look into his previous reviews. It looks like it is not the first time he has lied about what he received.