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Have you ever gotten hurt doing Fiverr?


I was working on my gig and I got a naaaaaasty paper cut.

Wow, I have gone through pulling my hair out and grinding down on my

teeth IN MY MIND but never had an actual physical injury!

…if I can call a paper cut an injury.

Well, it did bleed, so I guess it counts!!

Guys, be careful and happy safe gigging!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I once fell off my chair while recording a guitar track for jingle. I was jamming hard and didn’t want to lose the take. There was only about 10 seconds left in the take and the chair slowly started shifting. It was an intense riff and I was trying not to lose focus and down I went…



One time, my parachute didn’t open and I landed on a Bouncy Castle at a kid’s birthday party. I didn’t really get hurt, but I totally spilled my drink and the kid’s mother chased me out of the yard!


I was at my desk mercilessly typing away when suddenly a finger cramp ensued…

The collective pain from each knuckle tightened forced me on to the floor from my chair as I hit the floor I stub my toe and then blacked out from the ever increasing pain. A day later I awaken still on the floor crippled alone and scared. I see my phone on the other side of the room I crawl with my twisted claw like Phalanges slowly over. Suddenly a bumblebee flies into the room from the window and stings me… Needless to say it was over for me… The collective pain of stubbed toe and finger cramps along with the toxic poison that was coursing though my veins I knew that all I could do was reflect and remember the good times I had with my family and friends… all the people I should have done more for…

A few hours after, my budy walks into my apartment and sees my horrible injuries and he instantly jumps into action! he holds me firmly in his muscular supple arms Caresses me looks into my eyes and kisses my boo boos tells me everything is ok gives me a juice box. After that I was fine thanks to my courageous hero of a friend :slight_smile:


One time I blinked really slowly and for half a second couldn’t see anything. The momentary blindness sent me in a panic with flailing arms and legs and the whole shebang! I was so terrified I lost sleep and a bit of hair over it. (Luckily, when I reopened my eyes, all was well.)


Awe you guys, =)) =)) =)) =)) =))