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Have you ever had a bad reaction to raising your prices?

I’ve been thinking of raising my prices for a while now, but I have a lot of repeat customers, and I don’t know how they’d react to an increase. Have you guys ever had a bad experience? How’d your customers handle it?


Every time I have raised my prices, my regulars stayed with me. I raised my prices more by offering fewer words per proofreading package. I see you are a writer. You could do the same thing. I also got rid of most of the not so fun buyers.

When I raised my price, there was one buyer who called me greedy.
This seller had bought gigs from me a few times before.
As for the other repeat buyers who bought from me more than 10 times, they all said
“It was about time” and that they were happy that I did so because I deserve it.

While some people might be upset, there are PLENTY of people who understand the
value of your work.

Don’t be scared. Go for it!