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Have you ever had a job before Fiverr?

It’s confounding how many sellers here think that a buyer expecting what the seller tells them to expect, is crazy. “They wanted 50,000 hours of work and perfect results for $5!!!” "I charge $300 on my personal site for what I do here for $5!"

Don’t tell them they will get “amazing”, “awesome”, “unbelievable” & “perfect” for $5 then.

You may charge that, but I guarantee you aren’t making sales from your personal site. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on the Fiverr forum crying and whining about $5 sales. Unless you’re a fool or a masochist.

It’s also confounding that buyers expect 50,000 hours of work, “amazing”, “awesome”, “unbelievable” & “perfect” for $5. Especially when the gig title and description don’t even make sense or have anything to do with what the buyer wants to buy.

Read the gig description. Read the delivery time. Check your messages to see if the seller needs clarification or more information to deliver YOUR ORDER. Request modifications BEFORE you or the system marks the gig as “complete”. Do not mark the order as “complete” unless you have determined that it is “complete”. “Complete” means finished. Once something is “complete” it is finished. Leave feedback that relates to the “completed” order, not YOUR mistakes or misunderstanding about how Fiverr works. If you don’t care enough to fulfill your obligation to use the Fiverr system correctly, don’t use it.

It seems like most of the users here have never had any experience as an employee, contractor, owner, boss, client or customer. Sheesh, It’s not that hard, people!

P.S. If you know a language well enough to use it to complain, you know it well enough to conduct business on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Well said! Personally though, I’d change the title to "Have you ever used your brain before?"

I know, it sounds harsh, but I really feel like asking that question to some people here.

BTW itsyourthing, I’m guessing that some seller/buyer sent you a stupid message that caused a terrible headache which lead to this ranting, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! :smiley:

Reply to @zeus777: Haha, actually it was just from reading through the forum for too long at one sitting. At first I felt bad for the sellers, then I felt bad for the buyers, but after a little longer I just got fed up with all of them!. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @zeus77, I hope you have a great too!