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Have you ever had a previous buyer message you from a different account? How to handle it?

I have a buyer, or at least I think it’s the same person but not 100% sure, message me from a new account and the old account is now gone.

What would you do? Would you continue to talk to them as if they are the same person or ignore them, or block them?

They are talking about the previous order from two week earlier from their new account. Any suggestions? I’m not completely sure I should be discussing that order since it’s a different account with the old account gone.


Why not have some fun and see if they are the same? Maybe ask them how much they paid, what gig, resend any documents or photos. It’s like a cool scavenger hunt.

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Ok good idea, and what if they prove they are the same person? Just proceed to talk to them as if it’s still the same account? It shows there was some sort of problem they had for one thing. What obligation do I have to them?

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I would just talk to them and be nice (unless they harassed you or something). Maybe they want to order again?

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That’s what I’ve been doing. Thanks.

If anyone has any other thoughts on this I’m open to suggestions also. Even if it is the same person I’m tempted to stop communicating with them as I have no real order from them on their new account.

If the old account is gone, it’s likely the new account has been created without permission … against TOS.

Not sure how that would effect you, though …


I agree, and it’s put me into a situation that feels awkward.

I’ve had clients who closed their accounts and opened new ones to use a new name which was ok with me or didn’t raise alarm bells for me since they placed orders like the old orders they had (they weren’t sellers) but in this case the person says their account was closed due to a problem.

Report and block. Better to be safe.

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Thanks, if this person continues to demand daily messages from me I may have to do that.

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I just sent the person yet another message today to answer her and now she is replying for the first time from yet another account apparently.

She seems to have multiple accounts to message me from.