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Have you ever had a video rejected?


I recently made more and more videos to my gigs, and some of them were accepted first time, some of them I had to submit twice, I think I passed an other moderators bar…

If it’s not accepted, I only get a message, that please ensure it adheres to all guidelines. Well, It would be helpful if fiverr would tell why is it rejected, so I can work on that. As I submitted it with the hones thought it is good to go.

What is your experience?


@fogi - Thank you!!! I was going to create a forum post for this, but I am glad to see that other Fiverr’s have the same issue and someone else is asking about this in the forum.

Hey @madmoo: I have had my videos rejected by moderators without any real good reason or explanation as to why. Yes, I mentioned “Exclusive To Fiverr”. No, I did not break TOS by mentioning other sites. Yes, the lighting was good, but I have other videos, where the lighting was dim and they still get accepted.

Bottom line: The moderators do NOT do a good job of explaining why your video was rejected. They just point to the guidelines that were followed exactly and that is just not enough or good communication to the sellers. Customer Support is also of no help with this. We, as sellers, need to know which one of those guidelines we broke, because we can read them till we’re blue in the face and still will not see an issue.


I think in the beginning I did but that was because of the amount of time for my video. I am going to need a new video come the new year and I probably will hire someone on fiverr to create it for me as I am not that good when it comes to videos (it took me all day to make the one on my gig)


I don’t understand the time limit. We are supposed to have the videos less than 30 seconds, yet most videos go way over. Can the moderators explain this one?


Yes unfortunately I have and it is normally down to the environment more than the service. As we are going from hotel room to hotel room our background for videos change.

I have had some perfect ones like in Bangkok for 6 months and some awful ones like Pai and the Dark Red Room we lived in.


I have only had a video rejected once and it was because I forgot to mention that my gig was offered exclusively on Fiverr.


Reply to @deaun1: Shame Shame Shame LOL


Hi Yeah, had loads of mine rejected simply because I didn’t mention “Exclusively on Fiverr” which kind of sucks, but “rules is rules” I guess.

@tn5rr2012 Be careful asking for someone else to do you a video, I created a gig to do this for people who needed video and the gig was flat REJECTED, the TOS says that the video has to be the seller etc in as many words


Wayne Austin


i got all my videos rejected, some for not being exclusive to Fiverr , other too long, and also for saying Fiverr* wrong, i said fever* lol… so now im going to Re do all my gig video’s. short and simple


Yea my first try was rejected because i forgot to inlcude the exclusive at fiverr part. Whatever you do, dont forget that.


Why can’t we just upload a vid to utube and use that in our gigs? Mental.


Video must have 2 things :

  • include “Exclusively on Fiverr”
  • Audio is ok and not bad :smiley:


My videos promoting gigs where I make videos without sound got rejected for not having sound. I didnt want to mislead people into thinking they had something included when they didnt. Apparently the “sound quality was not good enough”, well duh! there’s no sound! Only some of my videos got rejected though, others with no sound were accepted!




Reply to @madmoo: If it’s governed by filesize, let them tell us in the guidelines. I have also pondered why some videos are over 60 seconds long and my 32 sec video gets rejected.


My video just got rejected for being too long. Yet there are many videos longer than mine. What gives?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Hey, I thought linking outside of Fiverr is against the rules. Is YouTube an exception?


Thanks for the the tips, will definitely keep this in mind when I setup my gig’s video!


Yup, sure have had one rejected! For a couple of the reasons as stated above. Nice thing is, Fiverr will send you a nice message telling you why, just correct and re upload.