Have you ever had someone contact you from a new account and their old one is gone?


I have had this happen more and more lately. Here is the kicker. Someone was asking about an order from their “new” account, that they had done a chargeback on a few months back, from their old account, wanting to follow up on it, and saying they didn’t really cancel it. :slight_smile:

Anyway do you turn them in for having a new account, or sometimes still having an active account under a different name? I usually assume there is some legitimate reason for the new account but if there is still an active old account that’s different.

But to contact a seller from the new account about an order they did a chargeback on?


LMFAO. I’ve had a couple of people forget passwords or just make new accounts because they couldn’t remember their old passwords. But it’s no biggie for me - unless they were problematic in the past then I work with them.


This is really funny. That takes a lot of nerve. Cancel an order, then come back under a new account asking questions about the order.


If they have “confessed” to creating a new account, I’d definitely shoot a message to CS so that they can cross-check on their end if the person was given permission by the CS team to do that. If that’s the case, it’s all good. :smile:


I wouldn’t work with those (well, if I was still working on Fiverr). I had a buyer once who started a conversation from one account and continued with another, but that was because he mistakenly created two accounts without intending to cheat. With him, it all turned out fine. But someone who cancelled, possibly got banned for suspicious activity, and then created a new account? There’s no way I’d trust them.


No I don’t trust them of course but was just very surprised they thought I would answer questions on the old order just as if they didn’t cancel it.


They might think it’s worth a try… :rofl:

I suggest contacting CS and telling them all about it. Let them sort it out.


It seems it was a big mistake of some sort.


It might be safer for you to let them explain it to CS first. If CS says that they’re legit, it should be fine.


Something odd is going on. I’ve had him basically prove to me that he did not cancel. He has provided screenshots.


I had this recently, although I hadn’t started the work. 3 days left on a 5 day order I got a PM from the buyer asking politely for an update, to which I informed him that delivery is up to 5 days.

Within 24 hours the order was “Cancelled by Support”. I thought he’d grown impatient and did something to have the order cancelled, which was alarming as I didn’t think support would cancel an order due to customer impatience.

Anyway I contacted support and asked for clarification. As I was waiting for a response, I get a PM from a brand new account and different username and it was the customer claiming that Fiverr had, for some reason, banned his account and he wanted to proceed with a new order. He claimed he was absolutely clueless as to why they’d done this to his account.

As I was responding to him, support answered my ticket and said the customers account was blocked hence the cancellation. I told them he’d created a new account and was asking for a new order. Was I cool to allow a new order? Moments later they killed his new account and advised me definitely not to deal with him if he tried again.

First time I’ve had that - Was genuinely unsure if they were OK with dealing with buyers after being banned, as you hear some sellers getting their accounts removed and yet are allowed to “start again”. I guess it comes down to what the offense is.


If the person who messaged me recently from two accounts reads this, be aware that you only need one account and will have nothing but problems if you have more than one.