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Have you ever met such a buyer?

The whole story: I started a new gig on user testing and a “buyer” privately messaged me and asked me about the user testing service which I provide. I made it clear what I provide for him and even created a custom order stating exactly what I will deliver.

In the end, after I delivered, he comes back and states hey I thought you were doing manual testing. Not once in our conversation and gig order does this word appear.

Well, long story short, I didn’t want to argue with him and ask him to accept the cancellation.

Is there any way to protect the seller? What do you suggest?

Thank you for your advice, I would like to learn how to deal with this kind of situation should I encounter these foul beasts again. :slight_smile:

Update: I submitted a request to CS. I will update what they say.

Customer support can help you…just have patience and wait for their reply…

hi guys am new to the forum I dont see anywhere to ask a question hence the reason i post it here. I am creating a new proofreading gig however whenever i am trying to include numbers in the word included section it is not going through

That’s a tough one. It’s possible that the buyer was trying to take advantage, it’s also possible that there was simple misunderstanding. You should try to be as clear as possible about what to expect in your offer, and when this sort of thing happens, think about amending your gig description to incorporate more direct wording that would prevent a misunderstanding like this to occur again. I strongly believe that the fiverr community largely consists of honest hard-working people, but some bad ones do slip in. If that’s the case, it’s best to alert customer service so that they can keep an eye on things. Good luck!

Customer Support is best way for this issue

Reply from fiverr. Thank you for contactin us.

“I am really sorry to hear about this experience. Unfortunately we can not force buyer to complete order if he doesn’t want to do that.”

Either convince the buyer or go for mutual cancellation.

As I am a new sellar, But how to improve my gig?
anybody suggest me?

No. Can anyone tell me how to promote my gig?

There a so many Buyers who don’t bother to read and comprehend the Gig description, or anything for that matter! I’ve plastered “PLEASE READ” as boldly and in as many spots as I can and it helps somewhat. I’m not getting as many questions regarding things that are plainly written.

You have to be clear in describing the service you provide. If it’s not manual testing, be clear about it and mention that. I wrap labels on the bottles and I clearly state that the gig is not for designing labels and I still get an order for label design every fortnight or so.

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