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Have you ever overcharged a customer by accident?


yesterday I was running some errands when I got a message from a client. I pulled over to chat with him, and ended up creating an order which he accepted. I just realized that I “overcharged” this client by $15. Still a fair value compared to the time I invest, but it is different than what I have listed on my gig. I only realized this today when trying to figure out pricing for another client.

They said they plan to order with me again, so I’ll be happy to give them a discount off the next order to compensate. Funny story though. We were both too hurried to notice at the time. So much for my idea of charging less for contacting me before ordering :rofl:


In the contrary the client who over paid asked for extra gig and in fact it was an only image .I was un happy with that and told her if she has another image I would do it for her anytime.