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Have you ever paused a gig over refunds, revisions or bad reviews?

Some gigs attract troublemakers who are always demanding revisions, refunds, or leaving bad reviews.

Other gigs do not.

For a long time, I had a gig that made me 50% of my monthly money, sometimes more, but it created nothing but problems. After suffering level demotions, several times, and experiencing the frustration of having to issue refunds after wasting a lot of time trying to satisfy clients, I have come to the conclusion that maybe I don’t need the aggravation.

So, I’m pausing that gig for a week. I’d like to see if his helps me increase my order completion rate and rating.

If there was no monthly evaluation, no unfair demotions, I wouldn’t do this. If Fiverr didn’t punish us for refunding orders, I would keep the gig active.

Sadly, under Fiverr’s new system, it’s not possible to do that. So I’m going to play by Fiverr’s rules, and only focus on having perfect gigs with no drama, no problems.

If my old clients contact me, I’ll send them custom offers with other gigs. I hope this doesn’t violate TOS.


I do that. I have even uppaused it just long enough to make the custom offer.


Hello, I’m sorry your gig has come to this point. Yes I an relate, not to having problems with levels or demotions or demands for refunds, but with a lot of people who come to me already unhappy and emotional. It’s stressful.

Some gigs can make the seller take a lot of unfair blame that isn’t their problem or responsibility and the one of yours I’m thinking of probably falls into that category. It specifically attracts people who need a scapegoat so to speak. Yours was one that seemed to be something that would either make or break the buyer’s new business and in their minds it was all up to you to make sure they were successful.

Yes! I used to have an WordPress optimization gig and it was just not worth the hassle…I didn’t get bad buyers nor refunds…it was just really hard managing their expectations so I’ve paused it and haven’t looked back ever since…it wasn’t responsible for half of my income though.


That’s a great strategy, I could even jack up the prices to ensure no orders, and then send a custom offer for a lower price.

The gig made me $32,000 since I created it, but I want to be a level 2 again, maybe even TRS, and I feel this gig is stopping that from happening. I also want a less stressful experience.