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Have you ever received inappropriate messages on Fiverr?

I got a message on Fiverr this afternoon and I was pretty excited about the potential bussiness opportunity until I opened it…A man who looked like in his 60 or 70’s told me that he was attracted to me, and he “had a thing” for ******* women. And I reminded him of his deceased wife!! I was totally shocked and offended. Actually, I also received same kind of messages from some other guy before. He asked me if we “could be friends and more”.
Man, I am just here selling my translation gigs, plus I am married. Of course Fiverr doesn’t ask for personal information but still…I mean I’m not that hot like those ladies who do modeling gigs here. Will they be harrased in the messages every day?
And I can’t even report a user on Fiverr…Can I?
Anyway, hope everyone has a great day today.

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I won’t even start with my experiences. There’s not enough space in this msg box. You can report a message by clicking “Report” and mark inappropriate behavior. With that, you are also blocking any further messages.


Most definitely report that message and block the user.


Yes, lots. I block and report as others have said. What’s really odd is they don’t even check out my gigs to see me in the videos with my partner.

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I just saw that super tiny and grey “report” button next to the message…and I reported both of them. Can’t believe I never noticed them before. Thank you very much.


Wait till you hear my thing… I’m a man and I get harassed too.


I got asked to be a pimp, literally. Some guy wanted me to find him a woman with whom he’ll go abroad and never return her. He had a requirement, wanted this completed for 6-7 days. He was “in a hurry”. Just report them immediately.



you can always report any buyer.

I always get messages with virus.

There are always people ike that


I got too. I blocked and reported.

I am shocked…
In my opinion the fiverr software should screen the messages before they reach us… they do keep a check when we mention dollars or email in our chat … why can’t they check for other words… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can report them for inappropriate behavior and also block them, so they won’t be able to contact you again.

Exactly. Looks like it is very common for female sellers getting harassed here, sometimes even males. Fiverr should do something to (at least try to) fix it. Nowadays almost every workplace takes the sexual harassments seriously, why not Fiverr?

Yeah I just found out how to do it. Since I mostly used the mobile app to communicate, I didn’t notice that I can report and block users on the computer webpage. Thank you for your help.

Yes, I’ve had my fair share of inappropriate messages from dudes. :weary:

Wanting to fly :airplane: me to their City/Country.
Wanting to date me.
Wanting to take me on a :shopping: shopping spree.
Wanting to buy my worn :high_heel::high_heel:.
One guy, well a few said I’m “wife” material.

Oh, and some other NSFW stuff! I’ve heard it all on here.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Reporting them and not engaging them in a convo is best.


Just laugh and block :laughing:. It kinda hard to be a girl on the internet.

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I am totally agree with you

Not just the internet but offline, too. :weary:


you must have to report …

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I kinda want to advice Fiverr to do something about it. Don’t know if they will care

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It’s really shocking experience.