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Have you ever response conversation with your buyer in midnight or even dawn?


Buyer can come from all over the world. So we don’t know if buyer contact you when sleeping time. What is your experience ?

have you ever response conversation with your buyer in midnight or even dawn…


Reply to @arnevb: at midnight ?


You know I’m always up working on Fiverr :wink:


Yes, I always do that! I wake up in the middle of the night to check my iPod if I got any mail from Fiverr.

Fiverr takes my sleep away


I to am on fiverr ALL THE TIME. I have the iPhone that I get my e-mail on, so I know immediately when I get a message on fiverr. I answer 24/7. Now… If I am asleep and I don’t hear my phone notification, than I respond first thing in the morning. I role over grab my phone and check for messages, and will reply while lying in bed.

The thing that I always try to remember is that fiverr is NOT just where you are. So if it is 2am where you are, it might be 10am where they are when they ask you questions.


It’s 6.30am here, i’v been on Fiverr all night aswell as updating my blog.

This is the internet. Welcome to Nocturnals anonymous!!


Yeah. I live on Fiverr. I get messages and orders at crazy times. I work midnights (like right now), so I’m either checking messages every 5 minutes or in the forum.


Sometimes I stay till 3,4 am responding to buyers’ messages and completing orders. Also, first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check Fiverr for buyers messages,orders. Sometimes it is hard to always check Fiverr because I am a university student but I do my best. Buyers comes first. We need to provide a high quality service around the clock to the buyers :slight_smile:


I had a lot of buyers from USA when I first began fiverr, and I had 7 h difference with them. So a lot of the orders or questions came during the night. However, since I am more of a night person, or at least I was at the time, if I’m awake and see the conversation, of course I would answer, why not…

I think since I decided to work mostly online I have a problem putting end time of my work day:D


I think it is better to set a time mutually for the conversation about orders with our buyers. what do you people say about it? If we know the time zone of the buyer we can definately set the time.


These days I hate going to sleep even although I love sleep, as soon as I wake up Im on my PC checking emails and responding - I might be becoming a Fiverr slave :slight_smile: Not complaining though - I absolutely LOVE what I do.