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Have You Ever Seen A Fiverr Ad?

Just asked some sellers in the states if they’ve ever seen a Fiverr ad, turns out they haven’t.

Has anyone seen a Fiverr ad on a news site, YouTube, entrepreneurial blog or Google ads about Fiverr?

yes i have on youtube

Not a single one. I’ve only seen the video ads Fiverr publishes on Youtube. I only heard about Fiverr through a Daily Mail expose years ago re. fake Amazon reviews.

There was the heroin chic real-world NY subway posters. Other than that, I’ve never seen a proper ad anywhere. Maybe this is why everyone is banning Fiverr links? - ie. Platforms are sick of Fiverr sellers spaming them instead of Fiverr running legitimate ads?


Yes I have seen it on my local newspaper website in Kingston, Jamaica.


I am from Germany and I’ve seen Fiverr ads on some English news apps on my phone.

Not only that, I’d once also come across an actual news article about Fiverr in which they had mentioned few of the “success stories” on Fiverr. That’s how I got to know of this website.

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I can’t really remember how I saw it, but I am 100% sure I have seen it here and there
in a form of banners. I think that’s how my friend actually came across it for the first time, and he sent me the link 6 years ago and I decided to join Fiverr.
Oh, the memories.

BTW when I saw the ads, I was in the states and in Japan. :slight_smile:


Fiverr Ad ??? Not Yet…

In recent memory, like in the past couple of months.

This is exactly what has me worried. All i’ve seen are edge promo ads but nothing close to an actual advert.

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Yes last night on YouTube.

The ad video they play before your chosen video begins first quickly showed the gig I had just been looking at, then said in big letters “Looking for this?”
Then had the large fiverr green logo. The entire thing took only a second and was startling.

I’ve seen fiverr ads many times in the past on facebook but not lately. People would tell me they saw my gig advertised after they looked at it on fiverr, so fiverr does a lot of very targeted advertising showing gigs you’ve previously looked at.

Those facebook ads used to be amazing and I could tell when they launched a new set on facebook because my sales would increase. I’m not sure if they do it there any more. They seem to concentrate more on YouTube now. If you are on YouTube at the right time you will see them, if you’ve been looking at gigs recently.

What I love about that YouTube ad was how fast it was, no time to wait and then click on “skip this” like you usually have to do. And the shock value was excellent.
It had a quality of subliminal advertising, just a quick flash of images.

I consider those proper fiverr ads. They are going after people on the internet so showing quick ads where there are likely to be the most motivated demographics is a good use of their ad budget. And they know people view a lot of gigs and already know about fiverr but are reminding them to come back to the site and make a purchase.


Yep…seen them on youtube and when searching with google.

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Not yet , Anyone have screenshot . I’d like to see :grinning:

Well that’s good to know. Looks like they’re taking a more targeted approach towards it rather than doing mass advertising.

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For some reason I see a lot of them. They have been aired on television in my area during episodes of “Shark Tank” and I see Fiverr ads on FB and YouTube. The ones I see online are always related to something I’ve searched for in the past. I’ll see if I can trigger one and get a screenshot. (I know Fiverr also puts up ads in NYC since I’ve seen photographs of the ones that people have noticed in subways and such, but I haven’t seen that type where I live.)

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I have not yet seen Fiverr Ad on any website or youtube.