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Have You Ever Thought About this....?

Fiverr get 20% off of our earning which is fine. What baffles me is why Fiverr is not adding the 20% percent to the Total earned in the analytics. If you are unable to complete the order professional, the buyer cancel and no 20% for Fiverr. I think Fiverr should add the 20% the charge sellers after a successful sale to our earnings in the analytics. What do you think?

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Why would Fiverr do that? Their 20% of every sale is NOT part of your earnings.


I think if the order was not successfully completed, the other will be the case. I am not saying Fiverr should not charge their 20% but it should be part of our analytics. Just a rough thought.

But why? So you look at it and feel depressed about not really getting those money in your pocket? I don’t want to think about my taxes. Get them and leave. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t get me wrong, I meant it should only reflect in the analytics while they keep the 20%. It would just been in record we made $100 sales instead of $80 has it use to use on the analytic. Do you understand ?

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Again, why? Why do you think your analytics should show your earnings as $100, when you didn’t earn $100, you earned $80. You earned $80. The remaining $20 is not yours to keep, so it seems utterly pointless for this to be listed as part of your earnings.


If fiverr has an analytics page of it’s own that’s where that 20% belongs. It can’t be on both fiverr’s and ours.

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it think its right…its our earning and fiverr should think about it … even %20 is not ours…but its basically earning of sellers and from the sellers earning fiverr keep %20 …so i think its good idea…

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You can say it is pointless but if you don’t make any sales Fiverr will never get any 20%. All I think is that the 20% should just be added to our analytic, not that Fiverr should not charge it. The 20% analytic should belong to us in my opinion.

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That makes no sense but I enjoyed reading it. :smile:

The analytics page is just for us to see how much we earn. And since we don’t get to keep that 20% it’s not part of how much we earn. That’s what FIVERR earns, not us.


Since I have to declare taxes, as probably most people, I rather have my actual earnings shown in all analytics than my turnover, so nobody gets the idea to want taxes from me for those 20% I never got.

It would just be more "paper"work. I’d have to declare the whole amounts as income and deduct the 20% as expenses then, instead of simply taking the earnings amounts.

The additional work and lost money due to being paid in US$ vs my bank account currency is more than enough.

What I personally think is that I’d like Fiverr to send emails at the start of each year that are readily and simply usable for tax and similar purposes (people like health insurance who want to see your ‘payslips’) in addition to those csv files we can generate ourselves (those are nice but overkill for my bookkeeping needs) - a simple statement with our revenues for each month and the whole past year, plus the amounts spent on purchases if applicable (ideally, you could choose if it’s for private or business purposes when you buy a gig too, in which case it should only show the amount spent on gigs for business purposes).

I think I put that up in Site Suggestions already, though, so I can only hope they may have it on their Do list.


For tax purposes I use Paypal charts and totals. It prints out a nice easy to read statement of how much I earned.

My PayPal charts are worthless for my tax purposes, unfortunately, and health insurances wouldn’t want to deal with those either.