Have you ever thought of changing your career on Fiverr completely?


Did any body consider learning a whole new skill in a completely different field on fiverr to make more money in less time? or do you prefer sticking with what you’re good at despite how slow your growth is?


Always considering it - never quite get round to it!


I have a couple of ideas for both weird gigs I’d like to do (my favourite procrastination method - finding sh*t on GoogleEarth/StreetView) and offering what seem to be easy money-grubbing gigs but right now, I think I should focus on giving my profile a “vibe” aka building a brand. :sunglasses:


It’s tempting, starting again, doing what I wanted to do in life, but didn’t. I do have a couple of ideas that I might get around to implementing one day, but as it requires a bit of learning maybe not. It’s still in the same technical area though, so maybe not as much of a change after all.


I did it (kinda)
I have more than 4 years working as a content creator but it is the first time that I am offering food photography (which is my hobby)
My profile was created more than a year ago but I just started using it last November and now I am loving this platform.


Dear Brandon:

Along those lines, I strongly recommend the writing of Josh Kaufman – he’s got a book that asserts you can pick up any new skill in about 20 hours of mindful practice. It kind of reinforces Tim Ferriss’s ideas in The 4-Hour Chef, without the weird stuff about catching and eating pigeons.

By Josh Kaufman, I recommend:
The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast!
The Personal MBA (somewhat off-topic here)

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That’s great question.
Personally I think I am still in the discovering phase where I do a lot of things I am good at and trying to figure out what’s best for me.
I will always considering changing, I like changes and I would never regret what I’ve done in the past since I consider everything as an experience which contributes to a better version of myself.
To be successful you have to be very good at what are you doing so I would love to do a chance even if I don’t feel strong enough to handle the whole progress or why not regress. I mean I will learn and gain experience from it

I would like switching to an acting career… still work on it trying to figure out how to sell it within gigs… for the next years :smile:


Pffft saw those people getting 100 orders on voice overs but nah that’s not really my thing. I love my readings.


When I joined Fiverr the only stuff I was dealing in was image editings but with time, I was attracted to logo designs and 3D metallic stuffs, learnt how to do them and now offering these services as well. Recently I am also planning to create Video Editing gigs as well, as I think that now I have a good experience with Premiere and Vegas Pro and other odds and ends of those as well. :slight_smile: