Have you ever thought to change the thumbnail of your gig?


Yea…We all know that among thousands of gigs,we have to specify our gig to the buyer to take there work before the others…Like first impression values the most,we have to change our gig thumbnail to make our gig unique,In images we can give priority to a specific image,but if anyone has uploaded a video,then a random photo from the video will be published…Don’t look at what they put into your thumbnail,just contact fiverrsupport and tell them the exact time you want as the thumbnail for your gig from the uploaded video…and see the difference.enjoy:)


Actually I noticed that editors control the thumbnail to be put on cover. It’s not random but they try to choose the one where it says - exclusive on fiverr. Though for live actors video there is no moderation I suppose.


My voice acting gig is just a random screen from the ‘vocal trailer’ I posted just for Fiverr. It included a random shot of previous work with subtitles that also show my Only On Fiverr watermark. So it sort of looks funny when text is over text :confused: