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Have you ever wanted to get signed to a major record label?

Hi! My name is Marcus Urbanski and I work as an artist and producer for record labels in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 2014 my band BRAVE got signed to Sony Music and I started I produce, mix and master records everyday, working with successful artists and bands in the industry. As a producer, my job is to create music that has commercial value and achieve a sustainable career - for myself and my clients. I specialize in helping artists and bands take their material to the next level, both in songwriting and producing.

When I was starting out as an artist and producer, there really were no services around that helped an upcoming band get their material ready for a label meeting, but that’s where I come in. I’ve learned so much during my years in Copenhagen, and now I want to give back. I want to give all the bedroom producers, singer songwriters, band that are hammering it out in the rehearsal space - a chance at making it big with music.

The industry is tough and you need a lot of luck to pull through, but let me help you increase your chances with production and songwriting - and I know we can make an impact.

Check out my packages and I hope we get to work together!