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Have you ever wanted to help someone out so bad? Well now you can with just $5!

You see it on the news all the time. Houses going into foreclosure, people getting pushed onto the streets with no place to live. How would you feel if you knew that you can help someone stay in their home of 17 years?

My name is Mishelle, and I’m 21 years old. When I was 4, I moved into a wonderful home in a small, small town in Massachusetts. I was raised in this home, and came to love it a lot. This is my safe zone, the place I know I can always turn to. I suffer from IBS and severe anxiety, so I tend to be a homebody. This has become a medicine to me almost. In 2006, when I was 13 years old, my loving, hardworking parents both left their well paying jobs to open up their own Bakery. Things were going absolutely fine until 2008. That is when the economy took a dive for the worst. Between 2008 and 2011 we suffered an unbelievable loss. With losing money, and not being able to pay our mortgage AND rent of the building we were in, we had to close shop. This was the saddest day of our lives, but we had gone almost 2 years without making any money whatsoever. We were losing both our business and our home. With the business abruptly closed, my parents were left to struggle to find jobs. They both went months without being able to find work. This of course, set us back even FURTHER with our mortgage company. When my parents finally found jobs, they were both making minimum wage… LESS than they were when they were teenagers. This of course did nothing to help our situation. We finally were gathering up money to pay our monthly mortgage, when all of a sudden, the bank told us to stop sending in money, that they would not accept it. At a complete standstill, we stopped sending in the money. That is when we kept receiving the checks that we would send in, back to us in the mail. We were shocked. Paying something is better than nothing, right? Nope… they wanted the mortgage IN FULL or nothing at all. How unfair for 2 working adults that were unemployed due to the economy. Fast forward a few years, and here we are. Still in the same predicament with no one to help us and a $30,000 debt that needs to be paid before we even can start paying our mortgage.

Now here is how I think of it. There are over 7,000,000,000 in this world. And if I got just $1 (LITERALLY) from 30,000 people, I would have met my goal. Honestly, I know that seems a little crazy, but I’m hopeful it could work. We have already raised $473.00, so if thought about with the $1/Person scheme, that is 473 people out of 30,000 already! WOW! And we’re still earning! I currently scrap metal, and have a giant pile that is ready to go out to the junkyard! That’ll be even MORE “people” donating $1!

I’ve never seen 2 more deserving people than my parents in my life. They are the hardest working, most gentle people I’ve ever met. They’ve helped others in times where they should have been helping themselves more (taking in stray animals, giving people with no homes a place to stay, ect.) I would love to give up everything I have and ever owned to give it to them, but all of my belongings would never even TOUCH $30,000. This is where you can help!

I’ve started 3 Gigs so far to help our site. (Where I’ve raised $473.00 so far!)

The first of which is a simple donation (with a handwritten thank you card from all of us here in the Fuller household).

This requires NO shipping fees, and is just a way to be generous and help us out.

The second gig I’ve posted is one in which I will make you a custom gummy bear charm for a keychain, necklace, bracelet, ect.

You can pick the colors and design of these little guys. This requires a $1.60 shipping charge.

The last of the gigs so far is in honor of the very thing that destroyed us, the Bakery. I will make you a custom cupcake, brownie or donut charm for a keychain, necklace or bracelet.

You pick the colors and what you want on it. I do them in the color scheme’s of cartoons as well! Again, this requires a $1.60 shipping charge.

If and when we reach our goal, we are planning on doing this again for others who are in need of their home being saved too! We’re not afraid to go out and help others that have been in our situation.

So are you ready to help someone save their home for $1?

You can donate just $1 by PayPal if you’d like as well, just ‘gift’ it (so neither will pay fees) to

Thank you so much,

Mishelle Fuller

Hi there.

First and most glaring thing is that you are NOT allowed to post outside links to your website on Fiverr. I expect they will be removed soon.

As for the rest. Your heart seems in the right place, and it’s nice that one of your gigs you offer something for 5 bucks. That’s good.

As for donating and such, I, personally would rather donate anything I want to donate to a registered charity. Not to a random gig.

No offense. But we don’t know you. We don’t know what you’re going to do with any money raised. Like I said. If I donate it’s through a registered charity.

You also need to be careful. I believe that anyone who takes money claiming to be a charity has to have a permit, otherwise you’re actually breaking the law.

Or something like that.

Good luck though. I hope you do well.