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Have you experienced Harassment?


I recently created a new gig to draw people as animated CG characters. And in the blink of an eye I got my first response.

Not what I was looking for though…this guy sent me a message relating this specific gig…and what does he say?

" :slight_smile: hey wow ur so cute :D"

No interest about my gig or the services I offer! Now to begin with I am married and Fiverr isn’t a dating site. I simply thanked him and also informed him that if his intentions aren’t business orientated I would have no choice but to report him.

Can you really believe it? Some people for you…has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to resolve this? :-B


It seems in today’s’ culture telling someone to have a great day is offensive. I choose my words carefully in the big bad world theses days.

Of course, I am being sarcastic but it is getting to that point. I always keep it strictly business and hopefully no one is offended by that.

When you put yourself in the public arena you have to expect there are going to be someone who has a different world view and is willing to express it to you. I certainly do not condone drive by comments especially ones that may offend, but sometimes you just have to shrug and move on.

Just my two cents worth adjusted for inflation


What happen if some random guy say that your cute in real life? You gone to shoot him down? =))


Well, I personally see nothing bad in someone saying “you are cute”! Exchanging complements is a wonderful part of human relations (whenever professional or friendly).

OK, there is a thing called inter-cultural conflict: Europeans and Asians react differently to some similar expressions, thus everyone should be more careful- but IMO this time it is not the case. You are married (as many of us), but most likely your husband will agree to the point made by this buyer, what is the problem?

Alternatively, if you don’t want any comments about yourself than simply don’t publish any of your photographs! Why I have Pinhead on my avatar? Why I don’t have any of my photos published anywhere? May be I am very cute, or may be I am ugly as hell :)) No one knows, no one comments - simple as that!


Mike K.


Reply to @cybercube: Yeah, I suppose I’ll get my Dessert Eagle out and shoot the Son of a gun


Reply to @ghostblogger: Thanks much, I suppose I would’ve received it better had he actually ordered something


Reply to @madmoo: you know the poor bloke actually responded to my response, you know…turns out its just a kid…I gave him a friendly warning that others, more weary than myself might just go ahead and report him…I suppose it’s just me, due to incidents in the past, to react the way I did


Reply to @kornilov: Well thanks, I will certainly do that…change my profile picture you guys are the best…no honestly…with sarcasm and all :wink: lol


I stand in solidarity with you Andreajam, if you felt uncomfortable, that’s a real feeling.