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Have you experienced this specific issue on fiverr?


Hi Fiverrs,

For a couple of weeks or so i get two errors when i try to upload my files, either its a video for a new gig of mine {im in video marketing niche | you can check some of my gigs}, or videos made for my clients. So… it sais: “IO Error” or “HTTP Error”. If i remember well and my memory isn`t cheating me, i get when i upload videos for my gigs, and when i upload my videos/work for my clients. I tryed changing the name of the file and changing the extension also, but it is in vane most of the time. Anyway, somehow after a few hours, up to 12 hours or so, this problem is solved and my videos get uploaded successfully. My question for you fiverr fellows: Could this problem be generated of the too busiest servers on or what could it be?

Thanks guys and excuse my poor english.

Juan DaSilva


I am not sure what causes it but when that happens, I do one of two things. First I refresh the page. If that does not work I then use another browser. So far that has kept me going without much delay when that happens.


Hi juanito89,

What browser and version are you using?

Have you tried updating your flash?

Does this error occurs when you use the simple uploader?