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Have you gotten a "see attach" inbox?

Guys, this guy is SPAMMING me! He keeps sending this text:


I saw your gig and thought you could do with more sales and reviews and thought if I bought your gig 2 times costing me $10 you could do the same for me but one time $5, so you will get 2 great reviews and a profit of $3.
This will help our rankings in fiverr and lead to more sales and level 2. I would use 2 different fiverr accounts to buy your gig so your reviews are from 2 different accounts, and then send you a link to the 1 gig I want you to buy :slight_smile:
No work needs doing, we would just send any file etc. for work to be marked as complete. I will buy your gig first every time twice, I really do need the reviews. If interested then please message me.



Not sure how to report it. HELP!

There’s a report button to the bottom right of each message. Just click that and he’ll disappear. He will then pop back up after 24 hours or so, something I’ve never really understood. But since he’s soliciting a review exchange and violating TOS, I think a trip to Customer Support to completely ruin his day by getting kicked off Fiverr is in order!

I’d also tell him exactly what I was doing just to enjoy the pants-wetting “no no no!” messages that will inevitably follow, but I’m just rude and horrible like that.

Hahaha good advice :wink:

Some dude kept on send me his picture for some reason. I reported him and now he is gone

I have seen similar message on a social media platform where I have shared my gigs. I got couple of messages about review exchange from some higher level accounts of 3-4 years old. I didn’t respond. After 1-2 days again got saying something like “think again. It will help. We will not approach more”. I just wanted to stay away from this type of horrible ideas and blocked those accounts and made some tight move to account security.