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Have you gotten Revenue the last couple days?

Just wanting to find out if everyone is getting delayed on their payouts or is it just me and my account hasn’t been paid in two days?

No it is not just you. A lot of us are having the same issue. I have contacted CS. They say their tech team is working on it.

Definitely not just you - I’m having the same issue and have also contacted Customer Service. They’ve told me that I should expect it “in the next 12 hours” over 20 hours ago, then they said their tech team is working on it. Crossing my fingers for a quick solution!

EDIT: After I read this, I scrolled through and did in fact find more threads on this topics in the last few days. Darn my poor searching abilities!

Nope. Still waiting.

Nope not you. Fiverr is at it again.

looks like we are in the same boat it has been two days. and they told me to just send them the order numbers. That will take forever i get like 50 orders a day and with the work load i dont have the time.


Historically there have been delays of this nature.

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

It has happened to me many times and it still works out but I still get concerned about it every time. Mine have finally started coming through today.

Lots of us got our delayed ones today. :slight_smile:

Nope, not lately but often. Way too often, honestly.

Have had technical difficulties elsewhere though. Hopefully they’re all worked out soon. I remember how frustrating delayed payouts are. We have to wait long enough as it is and then to add days on top is kind of frustrating.