Have you guys seen the new Fiverr Store!? Woot woot!


I actually called this when they were rolling out the 5th anniversary set, now it’s a reality!

Check out the new Fiverr Store powered by Spreadshirt:


I’m definitely gonna get the Men’s Hoodie, anyone else have their eye on something?

DTong (TRS)




Looks good! I’d like to see some motivational gear on there (I’ve no idea what, though).


Reply to @mrproofreading: I agree. I’m sure they will keep adding to it. Good input.


Wow, $20 plus $5 shipping for one t-shirt. It would be cool if you could get a discount if you used your revenues but it looks like the site is a 3rd party thing.


Very cool!


Just confirming the store is real everyone! We’re working on adding more stuff to it so if you have any additional suggestions, leave it on this thread!

Great to see the excitement for it!


Reply to @fonthaunt: So you want a $10 shirt that shrinks on the first wash and starts fading on the logo before you even put it on? Pay for what you get…IMO