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Have you had customer support delete your old incomplete orders?

I now have all my old incomplete orders showing as active orders in my queue.

Has anyone asked customer support to delete all their old inactive orders without it affecting their stats?


Yes, it will affect your stats. Sorry. :frowning:


Have you tried it?

This is what is shown about it:

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.

All my old ancient incomplete orders are showing in my queue for each gig.


Well, it might have changed. However, when I tried it ages ago (as St. Levels was starting) I had one CS agent say no it won’t hurt, and another say "yes it will, whoops I maybe shouldn’t say that, no it won’t hurt" and it did hurt. :frowning:

I’ve also had chargebacks 60-days after orders were closed and cleared bring down my ratings. In this case, I just let all my non-started orders sit in purgatory.


Hopefully @lenasemenkova can see this and confirm what she posted previously about this.


I got two of my old incomplete orders canceled by CS a month ago after I read on the forum someone looked through the updated ToS and found that after 7 days any incomplete order could now be removed with no consequences for the seller.

It sounded too good to be true but still, one of the orders was a year+ old and another one was 7-8 months old and I had to get rid of them at some point.

CS told me, paraphrasing, that while all the cancelations affected the stats since the orders were more than 2 months old (older than the standard level evaluation period), I had nothing to worry about.

So they cancelled it and it didn’t affect my completion rate for the period but increased the total number of canceled order by 2.


I had one old order that had been sitting there for way over a year. When my order completion rate was at 100% I took a chance and canceled it. The cancellation never had an affect on my stats. :slightly_smiling_face: This was in January.


I have at least 20. If I had only one or two it would be easy but I’m afraid to risk it. Thanks to all who are responding. Hoping someone who has a large number of old orders to cancel can report it also.

It’s possible that you both had enough orders that cancelling one or two wouldn’t have affected your stats anyway. I’m not going to risk having it affect my stats at this point.

I have 3 more to go and my plan is to cancel 1 this month and 2 the next. I wouldn’t risk getting rid of all of them at once no matter how tempting that is. Just based on the fact that it’s 7 days according to ToS and 2 months according to CS I don’t think they have the process nailed down yet.


Customer service would not say that they will not affect my stats. That is all I need to know.

I’m sure if I cancelled mine I would be very sorry.

Recently I’ve tried asking CS to cancel an order that I got tired of, but CS asked me if I’m really sure since all cancellations affect us, so I decided not to cancel it :roll_eyes:


I got the impression that they are trying to imply it’ll affect the total number of canceled orders (meaning the incomplete ones won’t just vanish) but the cancelation itself will be dated/attributed to the time period when the order was placed instead of the day it was canceled. Thus saving you from a direct effect (completion rate decrease) if the order is 2 months old or older but adding up to your total number of canceled orders.

And them being so vague and weird while explaining how this works is due to the fact that if everyone gets their incomplete orders canceled, it’d be a mess for the customer support to handle (I’ve seen someone mentioning they had 1000+ incomplete orders hanging) and a considerable loss of revenue and buyers who meant to come back and submit the requirements at a later date.

Tinfoil hat aside, if the new dashboard design didn’t include incomplete orders in the active queue (and active revenue) by default, cluttering it, it wouldn’t be that much of an issue. We’re a year into the new dashboard design and I’m still puzzled by the choices that were made with it.


Well I’m not taking the risk of having them cancelled so they will stay there. Thank you for answering though. It’s a mine field I’m not going to cross.

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This happens to me. I had 2 orders like that. When I cancelled, my stat goes down.

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I asked customer support to cancel 4 INCOMPLETE orders that I had for almost a year and it didn’t affect my stats


cancelling incomplete orders has no affect on your stats


You have done it? I was not told that by CS after I asked them. I was told they cannot tell me if it would affect my stats but if it does they would assist me. So based on that I’m not doing it.

Ive cancelled a lot more than 20 I can assure you and I was told incomplete orders have no affect on stats. There was no change after doing a mass cancellation. I really would not want to have a lot of incomplete orders in active orders. As soon as they went in there I had someone turn up asking for a cancellation on an incomplete order from 5 years ago. that was enough for me .

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Mine go back to 2013. I even had one who had an expensive order that she had forgotten about and not responded to my messages about it turn up, after three years, and place the exact same expensive order again. And to this day that old incomplete order of hers is still there.

So if the buyer suddenly decides to cancel those old orders that will show up in our stats? But if we do it it will not show up?

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if you cancel incomplete orders through support or whatever there is no change. If a buyer comes along and activates it and asks to cancel then that’s different.