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Have you had customer support delete your old incomplete orders?


If they get cancelled wouldn’t that be a loss of revenue for fiverr?


Maybe a bit… but since they don’t respond after months or even years, I think most of these buyers never come back to Fiverr. So the money would just continue to sit in their Fiverr balance, and Fiverr would continue to hang onto it.


Very informative discussion is going on. As new comer learning a lot from the seniors. Thank you all.

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I’d love this to happen. It gets a buyer plenty of time to come back if there are actual real life issues that prevent them from placing the order and a seller doesn’t have to worry about being stuck with an incomplete order forever. 2 months are completely reasonable.


I have a similar issue. A client ordered me but he did not submit the project requirements as a result the order was not started yet. I have tried to reach him but he didn’t response. I’m confused about what is next with it.



I have a big problem with these, 243 incomplete, however, I think it affects, every month I have at least 5 deleted from the customer. I have incomplete orders since 2014.


It sure did hurt. Support cancelled 2 incomplete orders without asking my permission, and they were from 1-2 years ago. After that I noticed that my gig dropped to last page, so I think that was because of cancellations.

But it doesn’t matter even if it says 1000 active orders, as long as the order status is incomplete. Then you can do nothing about it. Except you can push the nudge button to notify the buyer that they have an incomplete order. Works 2% of the time from what I have seen, lol. People just order and forget.

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a bit OT, it's about a *new* incomplete order that customer support canceled, and initiated by the buyer not me

I had a mysterious case recently. Someone ordered directly without messaging first. So far, so good.
They didn’t provide any requirements though, so I used the nudge button. Nothing happened. I planned to wait a couple more days, maybe they were out of town without internet or whatever, and to then message them again with a reminder, and if I got no reaction, to try out the “you can cancel without effect on your rating after 7 days” the terms state now, as my rate was 100%, so I could have found out if that actually works for everyone without too much harm done.

The next day or so, however, I got notified that the order has been cancelled. No cancellation request, no message from that buyer, no explanation, no nothing, just the cancellation notification.
Obviously, they must have gone to support to cancel it for them in that case. I’m wondering with what reason now, probably “ordered by accident” or whatever, maybe it was someone who wanted to play around with the buttons to the very end for their own reasons.

The good news: my OCR stayed at 100% and I don’t get masses of orders, so I should have noticed a drop if it did count.
Of course, I do have that cancellation showing up in my analytics as

Cancellations(Last 60 Days)
Initiated By Buyer

So it probably has some effect on my gig placing and all.

Anyway, what I was wondering now is why it shows up as “Initiated By Buyer”, when there was no cancellation request/resolution center usage by the buyer. Sure, if the buyer went to CS, they kind of initiated it in the actual practical sense of the word, but I was under the impression that cancellations done by CS show up as that. I’ve had some before, like accidental duplicate orders, which CS cancelled for me/the buyer, and those showed as cancelled by support.


The order just sits there until either your buyer comes back or you cancel it. However, if you cancel it then it will affect your stats. :roll_eyes:


Was the cancellation after seven days? Maybe the buyer’s account got banned? Did you see if he is still here?

It sounds like a cancelled incomplete order has no effect, at least in your case.


No, within 7 days. The order came in, I sent the nudge reminder to submit the requirements the same day, 2 days later I got the cancellation notification.
Account still exists, new account without any gigs or reviews, country shows my own. Maybe someone who wanted to copy me for another of their accounts. It’s weird behaviour, after all, to not at least message to say" sorry, ordered by accident" or something.


Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.:tired_face::tired_face:

I believe this is unfair to sellers

Hi I had 2 orders that never sent Gig requirements and never responded. They were 2 years old and so I canceled them a month ago. My level was 2 it went down to a 1 then at the next evaluation, this month, it went down to O. I have just come back to Fiverr and do not like the way they have made things so hard to figure out. But when I asked them about this not being my fault and being held against me. They said they could not change it. This has happened in the last month so if there is suppose to be some new rule… must not be in our favor or even reasonable. What is going on ? Fiverr use to be very fair to sellers. No one wants to put Fiverr down, we work here, but we need them to be fair to us. You can not pull someones rating down when we have done nothing wrong and it is completely out of our hands.

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I’m so sorry this happened to you! They even have a notice on this site that if the orders are old they can be cancelled without it affecting your completion rate.


When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

  • As sellers , you can leave this section blank if you do not require any further information.
    You will also see an option to send a reminder to the buyer, to notify them to reply to the instructions.
  • A buyer will see a message indicating a reply to the instructions is required to start the order.

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.


I can confirm this isn’t true. I requested a cancel for an incomplete order a few days ago that was older than 3 months. The buyer didn’t respond (obviously) and the cancellation went through by default after a couple of days. It has immediately shown up in my cancelled stats.


@vakart You could show that notice to customer support. Ask them about it.


@misscrystal Howdy!

Do not send anything to be canceled as it will definitely show up in your completion rate. Here’s a message I received from CS in February from my inquiry re same:

Leave it. :slightly_smiling_face:


@ilovevoiceover Thank you for showing us that. So if a buyer says they ordered by mistake let customer support cancel it so they know it was placed in error.

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@misscrystal Happy to share!

If a Seller asks CS to cancel the order on behalf of the Seller, regardless of the reasoning, CS’s action will still detrimentally affect the Completion Rate. So, whether you cancel it citing the reason ‘BUYER IS NOT RESPONDING’ or have CS cancel it because it was a mistake, the Completion Rate will STILL BE NEGATIVELY AFFECTED. :unamused:

“…Fraudulent orders and orders that we have determined to be placed in error, may not be considered in the automatic demotion/promotion, however, will remain in your analytics…”

The agent above is speaking to a Seller’s Level Status. A Seller should definitely contact CS if her/his rating is affected by malicious/mistaken cancellations.

I like to imagine that one day there will be a cancellation option such as “The Buyer Misunderstood the Gig Offering and Does Not Have the Budget” which cancels the order and the Completion Rate is not impaired. I can dream, can’t I? :sweat_smile::weight_lifting_woman:


So a seller will not be demoted if there is a cancellation that is due to a mistaken order, even though it may show on the seller’s analytics that the order pushes them over the edge to a lower level. And that would probably be up to that seller to bring that to customer service’s attention.

Ideally this would also be the case if a buyer said that they wanted to cancel based on demanding something that your gig doesn’t offer.