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Have you had customer support delete your old incomplete orders?

That is my assumption based on the message I shared from CS, and yes definitely the Seller would have to correspond with CS who ultimately makes the determination. :champagne::clinking_glasses:

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I see they also mention fraudulent orders won’t count. So I wonder what a fraudulent order would be.

I assume the fraudulent definition are those Buyers (1) seeking to get something for free by leveraging the fear of cancellation and (2) after receiving the delivery saying that it wasn’t what was expected and not granting the Seller opportunity to “fix” whatever it was they weren’t happy with.



This is real. I am a living witness to this. Customer service cancelled the order and it did not affect my statistics for about a month until I noticed a drop in my stats and I immediately notified CS. Although the first agent kept giving me templated response till I requested to speak with a superior who reviewed it and had my stats back to 100%. I then began to believe that CS are actually humans and everyone has their on/off temper days. I appreciate the great job CS does attending to thousands of inquiries on a daily basis.


There are buyers that will threaten a negative review after receiving your delivery unless you cancel the order. There are some that will receive your delivery and keep clicking revision for months just to get the work for free. There are others that have two accounts that chat you with one and then place the order with the other account and then tell you upon delivery that they want their money back or give you flimsy excuses to click on revision endlessly. Others place order for your basic service and then require you to deliver premium quality jobs. Others place order just to obtain samples on your delivery quality which they then use as templates in creating a sellers account offering the same services you offer. FRAUDS.

I think Fiverr should come with some kind of rule for that… for example, if INCOMPLETE order is idle for more than one month, two or three months, after that automatically to be removed without affecting on our rating.

Because it’s obvious that if one INCOMPLETE GIG is not completed in time period of three months… it would NEVER be completed.

I really think FIverr should consider this kind of option. It would be really easier for sellers.

Many new buyers who are not yet familiar with Fiverr’s rules, they’re just placing orders without knowing that those orders will stay INCOMPLETE forever.