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Have you heard of ZERO Commission Global Marketplace to sell your products?

Does anybody knows any global marketplace where you have to pay nothing for seeling you products globally as well as in domestic market ? Aslo a scheme of 30 days moneyback guarantee for sellers if you don’t satisfied with services provided by the marketplace ?

My friend a place like that would not be a good place, it will be a place where you’re at your own risk, when you are not doing charity work? You are making money and you expect the site not earn anything from your sales as means of payment “ah” the site may just close down when ever they like, its like saying you are staying in a house without paying rent and you are expecting a care taker to be caring for such a house that is yielding no income for expenses how you imagining the house would look like?

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A marketplace could charge commission only from the buyers.

Alright guys, this is how it works. You come to Fiverr, where a lot of buyers roam the plains like the great buffalo once did. That’s Fiverr’s job, to provide a big old meeting place. that’s what the % for both sides costs. If that’s not worth the $1 per $5 or whatever the commission fees are at a higher level, well, IDK what to tell you.

There is no such thing. The only 0% comms global marketplace I can think of is “get off your butt and start coldcalling people/promoting yourself”. Since most people here have no idea how to do that, it’s going to end in failure.

In fact, you can save a lot of time by simply forking out $1 per $5 and have pre-interested leads looking at a website you’re already on. If you cannot see the huge utility of this, and furthermore would complain about a lack of seller interest (see my point in para 2), then maybe, just maybe, the problem is you?

Plus you don’t have to pay upfront. Why even complain? And this is Fiverr Tips for Sellers, not promote other boards. Sheesh.