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Have you met this kind of person?

Hi friends

I met a person on fiverr yesterday,he asked me to record in English (around 3000 english words)

and then,he ordered 2 gigs that was $10

I thought the customer might be wrong about the price ,I asked him for twice :"you want me to record all words in $10?"and I got the answer :"YES"

Gosh ,I felt that he did show respect and felt sad about it

I do not understand why he ordered this way ,so I cancelled those order,which was my first time to cancell orders.

do you have similar experience ,how do you do?

@charlottezhang Hello! Buyers come to Fiverr for a bargain, so it isn’t unusual for them to see if you will do large amounts of work for very low prices. I have gigs to write blog articles and my typical price since I hit level 2 is around 100-150 words for $5. Some buyers do order and ask for much more.

I don’t start with a cancellation since they may just be confused or checking to see if I’ll give in. I write back to explain that $10 gets them 200-300 words. I offer to do their first 300 words for $10 and get paid for my time. I tell them if they don’t prefer my writing style, they can keep what I wrote, I keep payment and they can try another seller. If they do like the work I can send them a custom quote for the rest. If they won’t budge or don’t respond, only then will I cancel. Other sellers may have different answers but that’s what I do.

This is a key sign of an unprofessional and “BAD” buyer. You did good in cancelling. Don’t feel bad. You’re rates are already low. soo that’s the bargain. to give a greater bargain is doing yourself a dis service. unless you have no orders in queue and just really need the money. Nonetheless you shouldn’t feel bad about it, you clearly have on your page you do 100 words for $5 USD. The order he should have placed would cost $150 USD, clearly this buyer is illiterate or can’t do math, a combination you definitely don’t want to work with.

If I have a customer that orders more words than my gig allows, I will just send them a note to say thanks for your order, I notice you have only ordered 2 gigs which is 200 words, but your script has 3000 words. To record your script in total will be $150, so please find a request for the remaining words, once you pay that I can get started, thanks! (or something similar). Around half the time the customer will pay the extra as they say they made a genuine mistake and the rest of the time they will either tell me that other fiverr VO artists will give them more (or my favourite, the going rate is x number of words) or just say sorry I didn’t realise can I cancel please. It is much easier (and more people add on the correct amount) now fiverr has added the functionality of offering custom extras on an already placed order.

Don’t feel bad about cancelling, as what he requested was very disrespectful in this situation, but know as well that you can just redirect them to the correct cost, even if they have ordered less than they should.

3000 words read at 150 words per minute would only take 20 minutes of work? That’s $30.00 an hour!..I’m just kidding! You just have to politely and graciously decline.

Yes! I had a client who ordered 1 gig for a job that required 10 gigs. He decided to cancel since he did not expect to have to spend so much more than what he wanted.

This happens from time to time. YOu just need to make it clear in your gig description how many words are included. If they are over that, then do not question if they want you to do 3,000 words for $10, you say simply my gig is $5 for up to 500 words. 3,000 words will cost X gigs, if you would like me to complete this job, please go ahead an order the remaining gigs and I would be happy to work with you.

Then if they do not, then you cancel the job. But yes this happens.

Just remember the benefits of every order.

Even sometimes when I buyers asks for too much, I try to satisfy his needs and his GREEDS :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: ye you are so right !thanks for your sharing :slight_smile: