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Have you noticed a decline in orders when you have 11 pending?


I’m definitely seeing a pattern and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Whenever my active orders reach 11 there’s a sharp drop off in sales until I deliver some of the pending ones.


I notice that around 5 or 6 that happens, but I just reached level two and have not had that many orders in que yet!


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11 in queue, 5 in queue, 6 in queue… stop bragging because I wish, lol. Just kidding, congrats on the nice queues.


I don’t really think thats the case guys. I mean, I have periods of time when I get many orders a day (up to 40 a day), and I don’t see what you guys are saying. What I do think is that your visibility time in the search engine runs out by the time you hit 11 / 6 orders.

It is very obvious that this is not related to the queue because as you can see two different sellers have different numbers.

What I do notice is that my gigs get more orders when I have more in queue. I guess this is because some people like to order from sellers with orders in queue. But I really doubt that when we reach 11 or 6 orders in queue our orders decrease.

Best Of Luck.