Have you Seen Buyer like this?


What do you will do if " you accepted 10 revisions requests from buyer"
and he still request more revisions?

Every time invent idea and integrate it to the project.
what should you do?

Then rather than complete one order he take 10 orders in one order.


How many modifications do you offer as part of your gig? If it’s unlimited, then you may need to think about changing it.

If you don’t (and I really hope you don’t!) then he’s taking the mickey


You say you support multiple revisions so you need to change that.

For this order, you probably need to just say what is a change, not a revision, though you might have left it too late. On the other hand you don’t say unlimited revisions (or not on the gig that I looked at anyway) so maybe you just say he’s used up his ‘multiple’ revisions and must pay for more revisions at $5 per revision.


it is totally change in the design and request to design it from scratch


should cahnge, thanks



i’m not fiverr rockstar,
but what should do if i make awesome design and high quality,
then buyer refused it .- or didn’t like it -

should he pay for the next review?


I don’t know what I can tell you that isn’t already in what I’ve linked. Yes, it’s not fair but you offer multiple revisions and whether it’s a change or a new order is subjective. You need to offer 2 or 3 revisions.

If this was me for this order, I’d tell the buyer very politely that he has one revision left, or he’s just used his last revision and if he asks for another, send a custom extra in the order for the revision and redeliver the last file. I didn’t check but if you say anywhere that you offer unlimited revisions then you can’t do this and you may have to cancel.


what if he used his final review and didn’t like the work ,
then posted negative review?

is that worth?


Only YOU can answer that question, no one else.


beginners in fiverr afraid of negative reviews,

especially if you get negative review because you are offline (-1)


You have to decide that. No-one else can decide for you.


You can’t get a negative review for being offline.

You can get a negative review for not producing what the buyer requested, or for a poor attitude, but not for being offline.


really when started fiverr post gig and haven’t checked site for two weeks,
someone order one gig, of course i was online,
posted negative review( which was very bad at beginning),

when i came later after couple of weeks i see this review .

" i was beginner to fiverr"


I gave 32 revisions and a lot of them were new concepts because first he used to say i like it can you show me something else? I had 2-3 reviews only i knew if i need sales i must have a lot of reviews, I finalized the design within 3 days for $5 only ended up getting 5 stars and “BIG” review, NO TIP :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a difference between being offline i.e. going to bed for 8 hours and going on holiday for 2 weeks - surely if you’d just started, you’d have been keen to check every day to see if you’d had an order or not?


same thing happens with me,

The Good Review is great value.
3 days same thing with me


will not realize to get an order because i didn’t promote my gigs or make anything,
just post gig and eave the site
" was just starter"


Dear hardlogic,
if you want to be a reputed seller then you should do as your buyer want modification. if you think they give you extra modification then at first fix their revision after that you can explain him to give you some extra for your extra work. It was one of the best way to be a top rated seller. it is also increase your earning. If you buyer satisfied in your work they will come back soon.



hello das,
i have no issue to fix what i do wrong,
or to modify some things that is simple to change.
1- but making new design from scratch is not revision.
2- Some Buyers use revision function to get more than one order" smart to get more than he ordered"