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Have you set the old feedback system agin


have you set the old feedback system agin

Sadly the slow roll-out is amplifying the pain for sellers and buyers.

The feedback system is being transitioned you may still see the the thumb system sporadically.

Reply to @ozzieuk: i got a feedback from the old system but it was not showing on the gig.

Has anyone else seen a drop-off in percent of buyers leaving feedback? My last feedback was over a week ago (the stars for one, the others were thumbs). Nearly all my buyers since last week have messaged me to say they’re happy, but not one has left a rating! And so none of those orders show in my portfolio. sigh I guess it’s better than what’s happening for some people: getting less than 5 stars yet written feedback giving high praise.

Reply to @celticmoon: Noticed this, 3 out of five have left no rating after the new rating system. Before this i only had one unrated job in total.

This makes me wonder do unrated completed orders count towards levels?

I learn differently. I had buyers submit a rating, but it was not showing up because of a bug. Contacted support and they fixed it. The bug started with the thumbs up and continued with the star. When fixed, buyers ratings showed up.

Reply to @mgjohn78: Hi, Yes, your unrated orders will count toward Levels, as long as they’re Completed (and even unrated, they will eventually become Complete through the Fiverr system).

I know my complaint in the bigger scheme probably isn’t big, but it does impact those of us with Live Portfolio, because unrated orders won’t be included. (Although I guess if you’ve seen one of my Grumpy Cats, you’ve seem 'em all!..ok, just trying to inject a bit of humor in my gripe~)


Reply to @steveeyes: Good to know! Thanks!