Have you set up your Fiverr Gig Google Alerts


So I have been commenting several times about how I use Google alerts to drop me a message when there is any internet activity in regards to te keywords I set up alerts for. Anyhow I thought I would let you all know on how to do this:

First off you need to go to this link and have a email address to activate this service


You would enter your first keyword in search query and then set up how you would like the alerts to be emailed to you

Result Type

How Often

How Many

I have my results set to


Once a day


Since I have a family tree gig my keywords are census, ancestry etc… I also set up an alert for my fiverr screename tn5rr2012 so anytime anyone posts about me I get an alert.

I hope this explains how google alerts work and I hope people get the same benefit I do from mine. Here is a screen shot of the screen you will see


Very helpful indeed! Thanks very much :slight_smile:


BRAVO! Thank you.


I am glad I was finally feeling well enough to be able to post this, glad you all got something from this post


This is great info :slight_smile:

To expand upon your post, as users may wonder why they need these kinds of updates - it is a great way to find current information being posted, related to your gig’s service- which you can use to promote your service/create a backlink through a comment. That is just how I use it, I would love to hear other peoples uses :slight_smile:

It’s also fun to Google your Fiverr username, I do it randomly and love seeing articles featuring me and my work


Thank you tn5rr2012! It’s a fantastic method! =)

Extremely useful information! Much Appreciated!!


Great! Thanks for sharing


I wanted to share with you all an image of what an alert looks like, this alert came in over night and it was the one set up for my fiverr screen name tn5rr2012


Thanks for Sharing !!


Reply to @geekygood: You are more than welcome and I hope you get great use from the service


really useful information ! thanks for sharing it. I’ll give it a try


That’s really cool. I use Google alerts to get news but I never would’ve thought you use it for Fiverr! I might need to change my user name to something a little more unique, though lol.


Another user recommended Google Alerts to me last month, and I been using it ever since. I use it to catch people trying to resell my gigs and to see who’s using my keyword phrase. I got an alert the other day about a guy trying to sell one of my gigs for $25, he even stole my image from my fiverr gig. I messaged him as if I was going to order, but he didn’t respond. I had to modify my gig because of this sneakiness. This is one tool that all serious sellers can benefit from.

Twistedweb123 brought up a good point. I read an article that suggested setting up google alerts to get notified about relevant articles, then post a comment on it promoting your service. You gotta sound natural and not spammy though of course. If you do it right, that could be a good way to get some very targeted traffic. :slight_smile:


I am glad everyone has received some good use from this. I am not sure how I ever found out about the alerts but I am glad I did


helpful … thank you


What a great idea tn5rr2012 - Thanks for sharing.


Hi, good idea! I will set this up when I am not so tired ha ha finished two large gigs to day yay me but ahhh tired! but need more gigs!


Its not just about our gigs here on Fiverr, you can set up alerts about causes close to you heart, business’s, schools just about any subject you think of


nice idea…very cool indeed :smiley:


Great!! Thank you very much for sharing this …