Have you tried Fiverr Tests yet?


I just completed my first Fiverr proficiency test and it gave me an amazing experience. I performed better than I had expected and will surely recommend to anyone who is scared of taking it. Let me assure you that if you have really been learning on this platform, or you are a newbie, it is a great way to prove your proficiency.

Lastly, if you don’t perform excellently well as first, you can always retake it once more in the same week. That’s amazing. Please give it a shot!


Great to hear about your experience. I took the English Proficiency test and passed it. Its cool!! I hope this helps in ranking our gigs too :slight_smile:




I’m so glad you did. I wish us greater exploits on our jobs


Have you tried it too @jessy_ajior?


@olupeter Apparently, jessy_ajior’s Fiverr profile doesn’t exist anymore. So… :man_shrugging:


I’ve done two and I’m just gonna put it out there- they’re freakin’ hard!


Just for the heck of it, I once tried the “Analytical Skills” test (which can be found under the “Intelligence and Aptitude” category) and it was undoable. It is near impossible to pass that test considering how long it takes to even read all the 40 questions in the test (I consider myself to be a fast reader: ≈600 words/minute at <80% comprehension). It would probably take more than 60 minutes (allotted time: 40 minutes) to just read them lol.


You need to read it very slow.
Comprehensions are designed to waste your time. They are judging your analytical skills but reading skills.
Read the first line of the question.
Read the main question.
Most of the time, the answer lies in the question itself.
I cleared it the first time with a good score. I am slow learner. Very slow.


Yes, I read it slow the first time (as I was trying to comprehend each question; sometimes, I even had to make some sketches to figure out the answer), and I was able to finish reading (and answering) only 24 questions in the allotted time of 40 minutes.

Congratulations on passing (and scoring high on) the seemingly impossible-to-pass test. I will give it another shot the next time I am bored. :wink:


congratulations :grinning:




Yeah, the Analytical Skills is hard as hell. Impossible! I tried also Physiology and Anatomy for fun, and failed.


I tried a few English tests. I felt that they were quite easy! But I wasn’t too impressed by them, tbh. I distinctly remember that a few questions were repeated across tests. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, I have took the wordpress skill test and scored in top 20%.


Based on what I’ve seen, if you pass you’re automatically in the top 20%-30% and the majority of people just don’t hit the 6.0 benchmark.


it is quite interesting to see more people are passing the test. I’ve not tried out the test @hanshuber16 is referring to, but I bet you should just try it on one of your ‘high’ days rather than when you get bored. Then more importantly, get more relaxed and leave the past experience out. Rather, take up adjustments that can help, like the suggestion of being more critical at the questions


So sorry about your experience with those two but I can just advise you to relax more, prepare more and give it another shot. It only gets better and you can surely beat it


Oh, I beat 'em all right.


I haven’t tried it yet but with what I’m reading here, I definitely should take the tests.