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Have you used custom offers for Buyer Requests? Tell us about it!

About 5 weeks ago we added custom offers to the buyer request feature. Have you used this feature yet? What was your experience? Do you send custom offers connected to Gigs?

If you haven’t used it, we want to hear from you too. Let us know why not.


Sorry fiverr but your feature will not be used to the fullest until you allow us to report the spammers spamming their own gig with the buyer request function.

One little button will open the doors to a lot more business.

I have seen too many buyers reply here on the forums telling us that they get nothing but spam from sellers replying to their requests… And other buyers are spammed with all the sellers spamming that feature with their gigs.

And those same potential buyers declared that it’s the single reason they don’t use the feature anymore at all.

Please stop sellers from spamming their gigs on the buyer request feature.

Pretty please?

I use occasionally when i saw the need according to project. Usually you can quote max up to $325 in a particular gig. Sometimes buyer wanted page redesign and html and uploading on to server. This will not serve the purpose of one gig i.e design. So you need to use custom order to specify the deliverable and the quotes. In this you can ask them to raise 2-3 extra gigs as these request are different and cannot be served under design gig only. So you have greater scope to charge appropriately on your extra effort.

I would always use it if I had enough information in the buyer request to be able to quote accurately - however I generally respond with please let me know some more details about your project so I can accurately quote you…

I haven’t used it that much. I do use it though to apply through my gig when I have a dialogue with a buyer. I agree with @sue_mcl in not using it that much because I would prefer if the buyer will go into more details before I quote a price and for delivery, because I might quote a price and a longer delivery and the buyer might want it for 2 hours for example. Now I see an update with the duration for a task from the buyer’s side but it’s not always the case for all buyers.

Not only that I’m using the “custom offer” feature extensively, but, lately, my buyers ask for custom offers themselves, which is awesome!

I use custom offers Rarely when some buyer requests or I feel to use it. Basically with this awesome facility, you can set your custom price and days as you or your buyer wish.
Its a cool tool!

I check it every day, I had two gigs specifically from their, I just wish their were more offers and the gigs were deleted from it once they were completed, so I didn’t have to apply for gigs that were already done by other ppl, having a little “completed” or “not available anymore” notification next to it would be of great benefit :slight_smile:

I don’t use custom offers in buyer requests.
Most times, buyers don’t explain clearly in their requests what they need. For example, I do translations, and most buyer requests just say “I need a website translated” (sometimes they don’t even say which are the source and target languages… :-O)
That could mean a simple landing page, or the Wikipedia. So, I just send a $5 offer to introduce myself.
Luckily, still hasn’t occur the case of a buyer accepting my $5 offer thinking that I’d translate the Wikipedia for that…

I wish we could send an “I can do that but I need more info” type of offer, without specifying a price nor a deadline.

belengarcia said: I wish we could send an "I can do that but I need more info" type of offer, without specifying a price nor a deadline.
Yes! :) Please give us this an an option :)

Yes. Newcomer. Applied for gigs. But they were completed.

I have read all comments and came to conclusions that in order to get orders ,
a. Reply in good words
b. show your interest in work not in budget
c. be consistent, you will get some orders
d. keep your profile and gigs in professional.

I use it all the time, I love it.

I’m finding though, that it doesn’t show the work I’ve done in my live portfolio thing on my fiverr profile page (or maybe the users are checking off not to?)

If it doesn’t display some of the work I’ve done like my regular gigs intentionally that’s a down point for me but I still love the feature & will continue to use it!

I dont yet use custom offer for buyer

Although I am new to FIverr, but I have used custom offers more than one time. Basically the restriction set by Fiverr to have the initial Gig set at $5 is the problem. Now in my Gig, I offer range of services but all of them are connected to that very Gig. When I explain it to the customers to purchase the main gig and add-on the extras, the simply get lost. So this is where I send them the custom offer and all that they have to do is pay for it. I get the payment and they get the work in a more simplified manner.

Another incident where I had to use this feature was when I had to make the customer pay an amount exceeding “my gig and extra’s” combined amount. So yes it’s been very helpful. However whle setting a custom offer, make sure to click the portion that says something like “related gig to this offer”. That will help streamline things even further. Hope this helps.

I use it every time! This option is perfect for my business!

All of my request come from customers telling me their issues first so then I can quote them accurately and relate it to my initial gig.

Yes I use it too, pretty often. Some users don’t know the process of making an order or don’t want to bother at all. So I just send them a custom offer, they accept it, and we can move to work :slight_smile:

This feature is really helpful for both seller and buyer.
I suggest fiverr to add a new feature if possible. That is Mutually Extend Delivery Deadline of an order. I think most of the seller have realized it’s necessary.

Yes, custom offers concept is just Great! Most of the orders I am having now days are through custom offers. I recently came up with a new gig of video editing which mostly involves cost more than $5. Custom offers helped a lot for both me and my gig buyers in easy and clear purchase, now I don’t have to explain them how many extras they have to buy.

I have used It now and then and in a very short time I had result for 10$.
I like to do it because my suggestions offered by Fiverr aren’t always what a buyer asks.
So I can make a new one beside my existing gigs. It is a valued supplement