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Have You Used Fiverr Early Payout Option?

Hi there,

Greetings! Hope all you are well. Today I have noticed a new option in my “Earnings” section. Fiverr added a new option "Early Payout" to get the clearance of pending earning immediately. For this awesome option, fiverr will take a very small fee.

I haven’t use this great option yet. Have you used this option? Let me know your real experience. :relaxed:

Early Screenshot_2020-04-13 Fiverr clippin_expert Revenues


Good thing :slight_smile: but i still don’t have it on my earnings !

Thanks for sharing.


So is it not for all users? Who will get this option?


I wonder also :slight_smile: maybe depends on the country, the earnings…


Hmm, interesting feature. I assume that fee is only for a single Early Payout? If so, it can end up being very expensive to have an early payout for everything. If it’s a small fee for all current orders then I am sure most of us would pay it instead of waiting 2 weeks.


I have checked the fee now! Fee is different depends on the every amount. They take fee for every single payout. I calculate it. They take only 1% for each single early process. So I think it is very helpful for getting 80$ immediately by giving 0.80$ fee. :heart_eyes: :heart:


I guess it makes sense for those that have large orders and want to withdraw right away. Those of us which have lower price points…let’s just say it’s not really worth it. Although some might still be interested, who knows.


Maybe. But it looks little bit interesting to me.

I don’t have the feature but it’s a good thing, I suppose? Given the current situation in the world, urgent payouts can be very handy.


So this feature is not for all! Ah :roll_eyes:

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I don’t have it but it’s a good idea. It’s a win - win situation for both fiverr and sellers.

It might be in the early testing phase.


Yes. It is in the early testing phase.

I just noticed it this morning. One percent is not bad for an early payout, especially if you have funds to be paid out on a Monday. You can get the money in the bank several days early, before the weekend.


Have you used this option yet?

This option seems great. I have not received my first order or else i would have used it for sure

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I haven’t used it but I am a bit confused as to why it’s only available for some orders and not all. Has anyone found a resource that explains this early payout process and how it works?


Do any of those correlate with a particular gig? Maybe some categories are safer for Fiverr to let be released early.

I figured it out! I think - or at least the pattern I see is all the orders that are available for early payout are from repeat buyers, and those orders have been rated. (For some reason a lot of my repeat buyers don’t leave reviews anymore.)


Almost 95% of my pending clearance is showing this Early Payout. But not showing for all pending bill.

I’m also searching and want to know details about it.

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So do you want to test this feature now? If you will test it, then let us know how it works.